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Hospital Patient Engagement and Waiting Room TV Solution

Reach patients and healthcare employees within a larger health system with content and offers that strengthen connections, increase engagement and drive better outcomes.

Ensure all your patients know precisely where to go within your hospital, whether you have a single building or multiple campuses.

Help patients consolidate their care within your healthcare or hospital system. Showcase your preferred medical partners on your screens and make scheduling appointments with new providers easy with scannable QR codes.

Replace easy-to-miss printed signage and brochures with videos or displays to explain common procedures, encourage healthy habits and improve patient outcomes.

Custom messaging and entertainment options instantly set the tone across your campus treatment areas. Curate waiting room TV programming and content that comforts patients, improves their experience and further engages them while they wait.

Hospital digital signage isn’t a one-way communication tool. Our platform lets you solicit feedback, lead patients to the right online review sites and drive word-of-mouth marketing success.

Doctor and nurse at a healthcare clinic with UPshow's signage on the waiting room TVs.

Catch the Eyes of Your Patients and Customers 

The instant a patient enters your hospital campus, screens play a vital role in establishing the environment. Whether it’s a directory screen at the entrance or a referral for a pediatrician on a screen in an OBGYN’s waiting room, your patient engagement platform and hospital digital signage influences every patient’s experience.

From the moment patients step in the door, UPshow Health delivers captivating content that’s relevant to their needs. From viral videos to trackable promotions, our patient engagement platform and digital signage solutions for healthcare empower you with the customized tools necessary for hyper-personalization. Our programming and templated graphics prove that thoughtful healthcare communication doesn’t have to be boring.

Healthcare spaces can cause anxiety for patients. UPshow Health helps ease that stress with more than 500 channel options — from local news to custom, educational trivia — for your many waiting room TVs. With timely updates and programming tailored to your audience, you can educate visitors while creating a reassuring atmosphere.

Educate Patients from Your Waiting Rooms
Informing and updating patients should take different forms depending on your business goals. For instance, hospital systems often use their screens to refer patients to other in-system providers, while healthcare clinics present helpful questions to ask care providers. UPshow Health makes your hospital digital signage part of a comprehensive patient engagement platform, integrating mobile tactics and point-of-care solutions. Our integrated hospital digital signage solutions and patient engagement platform keep patients educated about their care while delivering provider-critical information and driving action.

UPshow Health’s patient engagement platform uses a full suite of waiting room video and multimedia tools to deliver messages and capture the attention of employees, customers and patients. Whatever you’re communicating, our technology amplifies the message, reaching the right patients’ eyes and ears at a time when health considerations are top of mind.

“UPshow has given our company the ability to reach our customers in new and different ways. Whether it’s showcasing our services, giving tips to patients or posting a birthday shoutout, there are always ways to engage with our patients while they watch our screens. We are very happy to have UPshow in every one of our physical therapy clinics!”

Reagan Rosenhamer, Marketing & PR Coordinator
Preferred Physical Therapy

7 Ways Patient Engagement Drives Revenue Growth for Healthcare Clinics

Doctor and nurse at a healthcare clinic with UPshow's signage on the waiting room TVs.

Create Value Beyond Your Waiting Room TV Services

UPshow Health brings more than just entertainment to your hospital system’s screens — we help drive measurable business outcomes. Whether you’re showcasing future pediatric services for pregnant patients or advertising special walk-in eye care offers at your system’s optometrist, our platform gives you the tools to drive customer actions that matter to you. 

Enhance Waiting Room TV

Your approach and desired outcomes may vary widely. UPshow Health’s patient engagement and hospital digital signage content is designed to accommodate things like pharmacy locations, the hours of clinics’ operations or the demographics in your zip code. 

Our hospital digital signage solutions let you take these and thousands of other factors into consideration. And our cloud-based platform arms you with the ability to develop custom content playlists optimized for each location and each screen, without time-consuming manual adjustments.

We simplify your job with flexible templates that are easy to edit and upload by integrating with Canva. Combining visually appealing graphics with customizable QR codes, our templates help you lead patients directly to mobile-friendly content. Our diverse entertainment options let you mix these promotions with content that aligns with your customer demographic and captures attention — from hyper-local news to relaxing nature scenes. Our engaging entertainment channels let you win over customers early in their visit, enhancing the effectiveness of promotions. With UPshow Health’s robust controls, you can ensure relevance on every screen around the clock.

Solicit Reviews

UPshow Health makes the process of hearing from patients seamless. Use your hospital digital signage to point visitors to an online review site and capture their experiences in real-time. Positive comments help enhance your web presence and contribute to better word-of-mouth advertising. By activating users in your facility, you encourage them to leave reviews while their positive experience is fresh in their minds.

Realize Increased Revenue

Whether your goals are increased patient satisfaction at your clinic or selling more contacts at an optometry office, we help you leverage your screens to measurably increase profits. UPshow Health’s patient engagement platform and hospital digital signage drive communication around value-add services, signups for health classes or encouraging app downloads. 

Providing easy access to graphics, content and insights, UPshow Health enables real-time adjustments that inspire the action you’re looking for throughout your hospital screens and waiting room signage.

“We’re now able to control all the marketing content on our screens, allowing us to promote our treatment options, introduce our amazing orthodontists, create patient spotlights, highlight community partnerships and more. All these features have helped us improve the overall patient experience. Also, UPshow’s customer service is top-notch and they are an extension of the Smile Doctors team.”

Jenn McClain-De Jong, CMO
Smile Doctors
Patients on phones in a waiting room, with UPshow's healthcare digital signage providing mobile access to forms

Take the Pulse and Make Adjustments

The priorities of your clinics and facilities change. So, your hospital digital signage should change, too. Effectively reaching your intended audiences and motivating them to take action requires customization, and UPshow Health’s tracking capabilities help fine-tune your approach. 

Customizable QR codes, short links and channel tracking offer an instant view into how your content is performing. Learn insights like the number of patients interested in your new Saturday hours or which customers accessed a coupon for the pharmacy. These analytics signal where additional resources and support are needed, letting you course-correct in real-time to achieve desired outcomes.

Drive Downloads + Survey Participation

Initiatives like a new medical dermatology department or surgical center require a significant investment, but which spend is worth it? 

UPshow Health enables you to use screens throughout your hospital to promote these offerings and survey your audiences. Our patient engagement platform lets users easily navigate to app downloads and form sign-ups. Then, our measurement capabilities quantify participation, letting you evaluate ROI for every activity. 

We built our hospital digital signage solutions with the understanding that the right on-premise messaging can unlock better patient and business outcomes. By continually measuring engagement, you can unearth the necessary data to make better decisions. 

If you’re unsure how to use your screens to create more value and earn patients’ loyalty, UPshow is here to help. Our consultative customer success teams will work alongside you, pinpointing your goals and helping you curate content that turns those goals into reality. Your digital signage should feel authentic to your practice, and our tools let you balance your brand image with in-venue objectives.

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Man in waiting room with nurse using a tablet, with UPshow's healthcare digital signage advertising a dietician service.

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