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3 Ways Good Entertainment Improves Your Customer Experience

I just love spending time at this place. It’s so boring!

— No customer ever

Entertainment is a critical determinant in the outcome of customer experience. Entertained customers perceive wait times as shorter, increase their spending and even come back more often. After all, customers expect purchasing experiences to be pleasant, and the easiest way to make something pleasant is to make it fun.

Many businesses leverage TVs as a source of entertainment; however, in recent years, traditional cable has struggled to compete with the screen in a customer’s pocket – their phone. UPshow is designed to make customers look up by delivering an interactive, engaging entertainment experience to customers in any venue with a powerful combination of ad-free TV, viral online streaming and interactive trivia and games.

Learn How FYZICAL Chicago Increased Patient Engagement and Education with UPshow

Ad-Free TV

Cable TV doesn’t benefit you as much as you might think. National programming schedules make much of what’s playing irrelevant to your customers, causing them to tune your screens out (we all love Judge Judy, but she doesn’t really set the mood in a sports bar). Plus, the inability to control what shows on screens, running cable increases the risk of exposing your audience to inappropriate commercials or worse, commercials from your competitors. 

UPshow’s entertainment features allow you to select from over 300 unique channels, including regional sports and niche topics. Once you find the perfect programming for your guests, you have full control to schedule exactly when and for how long each channel displays. For example, a Chicago restaurant can schedule family friendly programming for the after-school rush and switch to the Cubs channel just in time for the big game in the evening. In between entertainment selections, rather than showing ads for other businesses, UPshow’s digital signage creator helps you promote your own messaging, products and services with just a few clicks.

When you play content customers care about, they pay attention to your screens and engage with the promotions you display, driving revenue for your business.

Viral Online Streaming

People now spend more time online than watching TV, per an eMarketer report. Take advantage of this information by bringing the online content they crave to your screens. 

Use your screens to display everything from social media feeds to viral videos. You can even livestream special events — Buffalo Wild Wings drove all kinds of buzz this year by streaming exclusive esports competitions in their restaurants.

Not only does this content make for a vastly improved customer experience, but it keeps your guests coming back for more. Guests may even make your business their official spot for watching live streamed events with friends.

Interactive Trivia and Games

Trivia and games create interactive fun for guests, and can be used to educate as well as entertain. A health clinic can give patients important information in an approachable way, while a gym can promote the benefits of its branded protein powder without coming off as pushy. Meanwhile, unconventional gaming integrations, like sports betting programs, draw crowds to restaurants.

Many in-venue gaming setups require expensive new hardware and communal tablets that are unsanitary and hard to keep up with. UPshow’s gaming only requires one thing: your existing screens. At the beginning of  each game, your screen will display a code that allows players to join directly from their own mobile phone for a seamless and safe experience.

Not only do these games improve your customer experience, but clever customization and the option to run ads in between questions makes it an impactful marketing opportunity as well.

Entertained customers are better customers for your business. They come back more often, spend more and refer their friends, all thanks to the improved customer experience you provide. Elevating your entertainment strategy doesn’t have to be hard — with UPshow, it’s never been easier.

Transform Your Business’s Entertainment Experience with UPshow

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