4 Ways Social TV Brings Value To Restaurants

April 18, 2018

Cord-cutting is an increasingly popular decision among consumers, and now the trend is growing with businesses. Want to ditch your cable bill but not your screens? Here's a few reasons why social TV will help your business thrive like never before.

1. Suggestive Selling Works

Promotional material is at its best when it is displayed on the most looked at asset, your TV. How many people have really ordered the special from the table tent you put time and money into making? One case study found that people are dozens of times more likely to take advantage of a deal advertised using digital signage than if it were in print. Put those deals on the big screen and see how much more attention they get. If you want to really push that Monday offer of BOGO fries, give that information real estate along with a mouth-watering shot of the dish.

Using screens as a method of communicating information also saves time for your waiters and lessens confusion for customers. Want to share which menu items are gluten-free? Sold-out of a signature milkshake? Let them know on the screen and save a trip to the kitchen.

2. Incentivize UGC

Ever see a really good photo of food on Instagram and immediately make a reservation for that restaurant? According to the Huffington Post, 69% of millennials take photos of their food before eating it. Have your customers make your venue the next hot spot by incentivizing them to post those photos on their social accounts.

Streaming your guest’s posts onto your screen in real time gives them the thrill of having their content show up in the venue instantly. Their reaction to seeing themselves on a big screen will make the group sitting next to them want to do the same, and so on. Thus begins a chain reaction of free word of mouth marketing for your business. Just look at all the talk Milkcraft has received from their customers posting to digital signage!

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3. Entertain

Let’s be honest: traditional cable is overpriced and overrated. At its best, provides the bare minimum - static entertainment that doesn’t do anything to encourage interaction or drive loyalty. At its worst, it is advertising your competition during the programming you’re showing. Social TV gives back control over your entertainment. The ability to customize programming gives customers something to look at that is tailored to them and the venue. Display curated social media from teams and topics that you know your patrons care about, or engage customers with a few rounds of themed trivia. The more immersed they are in your venue, the longer they’ll stay, and the more they’ll spend.

4. Express Your Brand

Why play whatever just happens to be on TV when you can show your own marketing materials and content? Turn that wasted potential into signage that can add instant value to your venue and make your unique messaging stick. In one survey, 84% of retailers in the U.K. said that digital signage drove significant brand awareness.

Contribute to your restaurant’s atmosphere and emphasize your brand personality by displaying fun facts about your dishes, sharing witty remarks, or introducing your chef in a sizzle reel.

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