5 Creative Fitness Center Marketing Strategies for TVs in Gyms and Health Clubs

June 11, 2019

Engaging gym members can be tricky. Whether they’re visiting your fitness club for a quick workout during lunch or heading in after a long day at the office, they’re often just focused on their gym session above all else.

Inside gyms, people have learned to tune out the world around them, as they’re constantly bombarded with fitness ads and announcements. On public transportation, at sporting events, and most other places people go in their day-to-day lives, ads are everywhere.

To reach your best customers, you need to make your fitness marketing stand out. As a gym owner, you may not have realized that you already have a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips: your TVs. Here are some creative marketing ideas for gyms and other types of fitness centers that should help you take your outlet to the next level.

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Here are our favorite TV-centric fitness marketing ideas to help engage your gym members.

1. Curated Content

If health and fitness advertisements are the first thing your members see at your club, you risk losing their attention as soon as they walk in the door.

Instead, grab their attention with custom, dynamic entertainment feeds that center on what they care about most -- whether it’s health club tips, local news, or sports highlights -- and shows that you’re catering to their needs over your own.

If you’re showing programming that’s relevant to them, they’ll automatically pay more attention to the screens, opening up a pathway to presenting your own marketing materials (more on that later).

2. Selfie Central

Health and fitness clubs are hotspots for selfies: almost half of all adults who go to the gym take photos or videos while they’re there. So why not let your members gain a little bit of celebrity status in your club by showcasing those photos on your TVs?

This kind of interactivity is fun and lets your members feel recognized. And when they play a role in what’s on the screen, they pay more attention, become more invested, and might even share their 15 minutes of fame with their friends.

Engage members at your fitness club by transforming your TVs into social media displays.

3. Animated Marketing for Gyms

Once you’ve gotten their attention by showing content that they want to see, you can then display your workout product ads or even gym membership advertisements.

Traditional static marketing materials (like flyers) only hold someone’s attention for so long -- if at all. On the other hand, dynamic displays with animations are much more exciting and effective.

Even better: if your digital signage updates via the cloud, it’s super easy to keep things current and schedule content in advance.

4. Community Celebration

In addition to traditional marketing and promotions, your TV can be a tool to celebrate your fitness club’s community. Use your screens to introduce trainers, congratulate members on milestones, and welcome newcomers.

Just like sharing members’ selfies, celebrating your community builds sincerity and makes TVs a hub for all kinds of information. It also makes sure your promotions are aligned with your brand voice.

Use your fitness club’s digital signage to share trainer bios and training seem less intimidating.

5. Screen-to-Mobile

After you’ve mastered the gym member engagement ideas listed above, you can incorporate more advanced techniques.  If the digital signage on your TV has interactive capabilities, you can encourage members to continue engaging with you via their phones.

Get them more involved by sharing scannable digital codes, links to mobile-optimized experiences, and designated hashtags to use.

These screen-to-mobile features capitalize on your members’ habits and let them carry your messages with them long after they’ve left -- increasing recall and making your brand a part of their lifestyle, not just their fitness routine.

Want to try out all of these strategies with ease? You can transform your TVs into your fitness club’s most powerful marketing tool with UPshow - the member engagement platform built to drive the outcomes that matter most to your club.

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