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5 Reasons Your Customer’s Instagram Post Shows Your Brand Killin’ It

Just like your mother told you to always say please and thank you, brands are always told to post timely social media content in appropriate brand voice. This is just polite social media engagement. But if you’re looking to have a booming and active social media presence, your brand has to engage and embrace consumer-generated content.  

It may seem like nothing, but when a consumer geotags your location, hashtags your brand, or tags your brand in a post your potential visibility and social credibility has exploded far beyond your promotional post. When your business has an UPshow screen, it acts as an incentive for customers to throw up a post to their social channels and get on the screen. Check out just five reasons quality pictures your customers take and post on UPshow prove your brand is killing it:

1.     #FOMO

Fear Of Missing Out. This isn’t just a popular hashtag, it’s a way of life. Picture this: 

It’s Saturday night and you’re prepping for your usual weekend turnout. Once the night is in full swing and your expected customers have arrived, you overhear some patrons pointing at their phones, talking loudly about a different venue all their friends are at and posting on Instagram. They start to grab their jackets. Feel that? On social media, that feeling that you missed out on something great is amplified. No one wants to be the one missing out. When one of your customers posts a picture to UPshow’s TV all the customer’s followers will see it and rather than deal with tomorrow’s blues, those friends will head over to that business. Basically, the customers are doing the advertising.

2.    Influencers

Remember when Jennifer Aniston could splash some water on her face and you were instantly buying Aveeno’s wrinkle-free serum? Well, Jen has been set aside yet again because today digital influencers hold more power. A digital influencer has the power to claim what’s in and what’s out. Nothing says “add to bucket list” more than when an influencer posts about a business. Consumers love to see the everyday relatable content influencers post so when one posts about your business, you’re guaranteed fans will follow.

3.    Friends let friends share the best spots online

Back in the day, your parents bought the car they did because your grandparents told them it was the best choice. Today, people choose where to go out, where to eat and what to wear based on what their friends post on social media. This upgraded word of mouth marketing tells consumers they can trust your brand because their friend does.

4.    Another dimension

Who doesn’t love a well-crafted Insta pic? What’s even better is that this picture is doing a lot more than you think.

Because the user has to tag your business to get onto UPshow, your location is noted for everyone viewing the post. This picture also shows a packed house. Social media is all about social reassurance and this picture is screaming, “Vida Vida is the place to catch the game louder than those guys are yelling, touchdown!”  

5. Second time’s a charm…and the third and fourth…

Have you ever been to a venue with the autographed celebrity photo wall of fame? UPshow is the business’s digital wall of fame with a twist! More than a good celeb shot, people love being the center of attention. That’s why having your post on UPshow is so great for the customer. What’s great for you is that this moment of fame has not only encouraged said customer to come back for more but also brought the customer into your social databases to be marketed towards for more purchases.