5 Ways to Get Better Results from Your In-Venue Marketing Campaigns

February 2, 2022

How much revenue do the screens in your venue generate?

If you’re like many businesses and just use them to run cable news or sports games to occupy customers, they’re probably not generating any revenue at all.

Here’s a bold question: if that’s all you’re using your screens for, why are you throwing away money on a cable subscription?

Most businesses use television screens to help customers weather wait times. Whether you’re a sports bar or restaurant looking to occupy diners while their orders are prepared, a healthcare clinic hoping to keep patients relaxed in your waiting room, or another service-based business, conventional wisdom told you to put a television screen in your venue. 

We’re here to transform your screens into a revenue generation tool. How? With UPshow Connect.

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Introducing UPshow Connect

UPshow Connect is a new offering from UPshow that makes creating and tracking revenue-generating, on-screen marketing campaigns easier than ever.

When you purchase the UPshow platform, you automatically unlock UPshow Connect. With UPshow Connect, you gain access to:

  1. Easy-to-use campaign creation tools, from our one-of-a-kind integration with Canva to an in-platform QR code designer.
  2. The ability to keep your most important messages on-screen and actionable for customers for longer periods of time.
  3. Autogenerated, mobile-friendly landing pages that you can customize, ensuring your customers can always view your most important campaigns.
  4. Cross-channel campaign creation so that you can present your messages on and off screen in high-traffic areas.
  5. Robust tracking and optimization tools, making it easy to understand which campaigns drive the most revenue for your business.

Create Engaging Campaigns

Did you know you only have 0.3 seconds to grab someone’s attention? 

UPshow Connect helps you keep customers engaged. With UPshow Connect, use industry-standard design tools to create attention-grabbing, compelling visual messages. Plus, you’ll gain access to a library of templates designed by industry professionals.

Each of your campaigns can deliver an interactive digital experience. Simply use our in-platform QR code generator to design mobile-first campaigns, allowing your customers to engage when the moment of intent and interest is highest.

Promote Key Marketing Initiatives

Never again choose between your campaigns and your entertainment. Cycle through entertainment or lower priority marketing campaigns while using UPshow Connect’s Fixed Panel functionality to continuously spotlight your most important marketing campaigns.

Fixed Panel allows you to keep key campaigns on screen longer, giving your customers more opportunities to engage. 

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Broaden Campaign Reach

Make sure all of your most important campaigns receive attention by utilizing Campaign Hub through UPshow Connect. Campaign Hub allows you to curate a mobile-friendly landing page that highlights key initiatives, giving your campaigns longevity.  

Cross-Channel Functionality

While digital mediums allow for the interactive experiences your customers — especially younger ones — demand, there are plenty of use cases for traditional media campaigns, too. That’s why UPshow Connect makes it easy to move from online to offline (and back) with Smart Paper. 

Use the QR codes you’ve generated for your digital campaigns across offline mediums and understand the full scope of campaign engagement. 

Track and Optimize Every Campaign

The hardest part of using screens to drive revenue is understanding which campaigns create that revenue. UPshow Connect makes campaign impact easy to understand. 

At a glance, see which campaigns drive the most engagement and revenue, and use your analytics results to continually optimize for greater success.

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