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6 Reasons Interactive Digital Signage Is More Important Than TV for Your Gym

Have gym members who would rather look at their phones than your TVs? Time for interactive signage.

Fitness clubs and gyms invest a great deal of money into installing TVs throughout their properties to entertain members during workouts and keep them coming back. But these days, gym-goers have learned to tune out irrelevant programs and ads and instead pay attention to their phones, leading to a disengaged gym experience.

Tuned-out members are not only less likely engage with the entertainment you’re investing in, but also the marketing materials and other connection points you’ve laid out for them during their visit.

One of the best ways to maintain member engagement is by playing interactive digital signage on your gym TVs. With this digital signage, you can share important items like class schedules, events and announcements, health tips, workout motivation, and entertaining media.

Here are six reasons to implement interactive digital signage in your gym or fitness club:

Total Control

Cable or satellite TV, gives you no control over which commercials are shown, meaning that you could inadvertently be showing ads that are in conflict with your brand, are distasteful, or even promote your competitors.

Interactive digital signage puts you in control of the ads running in your fitness club. You can advertise personal training sessions or products sold within your gym, or choose to run promotions for other companies and products that complement yours.

Relevant Content

Just like with advertisements, gym TVs playing cable are subject to national programming schedules, so you can’t decide what’s being shown in your club. The last thing you want is to walk through your gym or fitness club and see irrelevant, un-engaging daytime TV – or worse, offensive content being shown across dozens of screens.

With interactive digital signage, you determine what’s shown on your gym TVs. You can customize entertainment feeds to suit your members’ interests, including highlights from local sports teams, news, and special topics of your choice. When members see information that matters to them, they’re more likely to stay engaged throughout their visit. Plus, members will notice and appreciate that you’re catering to their needs.

Use your interactive signage to display local content on your gym TVs.

3. Community Centric

When it comes to building a community atmosphere, interactive digital signage is a vastly improved, technology-driven version of old-school bulletin boards. They’re a place to celebrate your members’ milestones, including new members and anniversaries, and to introduce trainers so they become familiar faces around the gym.

Even better? Members can get involved too, by posting their workout experiences on social media and then sharing them directly onto the TV, making them feel like in-house celebrities and increasing online word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

4. Noticeable Promotions

Unlike traditional gym marketing materials (like flyers and table tents), digital signage is much more likely to capture your members’ attention. Use your gym TVs to offer dynamic, eye-catching animations that keep your clients interested.

By including announcements, schedules, and health and wellness tips on your gym TVs, people learn to look at your screens as an information hub, and will get in the habit of paying attention to materials shared there.

Interactive digital signage allows gym members to share their experience on the TV.

5. Crystal Clear Communication

Printed promotional materials go out of date quickly. If you’ve ever had to throw out a stack of Halloween-themed announcements in November, you know this all too well.

With interacted digital signage powering your TV, you don’t have to rush to print and distribute time-sensitive flyers and mailers. You can easily create digital signage through the cloud to reflect the most up-to-date promotions, and reference analytics to optimize them if they aren’t resonating with your members.

6. Memorable Moments

All of these features (and more!) can be used to create a unique, brand-specific experience that your members won’t forget.

Relevant, interactive digital signage on your gym TVs offers an engaging experience that caters to their interests and captures their attention. They’ll be sure to leave with a smile on their face, and will be encouraged to come back more often, or even refer their friends as new members.

Ready to explore the world of interactive digital signage? Get started with UPshow, the member engagement platform built to drive meaningful results for your fitness club.