Best Med Spa Software You Should Grab for 2024

February 2, 2024

You’re ready to open your med spa. You’ve decided on your name and branding, picked out a location, found the perfect building and got your décor ready. The only thing left is to find the best med spa software to inject your spa with streamlined marketing, booking and business management services. 

Fortunately, searching for the most effective med spa software to meet your needs doesn’t need to cause frown lines.

Our picks for the best med spa software of 2024!

We took a fresh look at some of the leading med spa software on the market, so you don’t have to. Here are our top picks for the med spa software that will help you put your best face forward with clients. 

UPshow — Best med spa on-premise marketing software

Any med spa worth its sea salt needs digital signage. With UPshow Health, you gain that and versatile on-premise marketing strategies that help you engage customers with customized marketing messages and promotions that lead to repeat business.

Our robust content library includes over 500 entertainment channels, educational content intended to reassure patients, as well as customizable health-related quizzes. UPshow Health also allows you to use QR codes to send patient experience surveys and consent forms directly to clients’ mobile devices. 

You can also rely on UPshow SHIFT for Healthcare to boost engagement among your employees. Instead of messages on bulletin boards that employees often ignore, share your messages over back-office screens. 

Aesthetics Pro — Best med spa management software

AestheticsPro is an easy-to-use med spa management platform, even for employees without a background in technology. This secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software enables you to manage timesheets, as well as payroll and commissions from a single platform. It’s easy to avoid overbooking by managing scheduling through individual staff calendars.

While AestheticsPro offers excellent back-end med spa management, it lacks more comprehensive marketing features or digital signage. It’s worthwhile for the way it makes day-to-day practice management easier, but you may want to consider finding a more flexible and dynamic way of engaging customers.

Pabau — Next best med spa management software

Pabau offers an all-in-one med spa management platform that can save your team upwards of 12 hours a week. Known for robust CRM software that follows customers at every stage of their journey, Pabau automates aspects of marketing to make it easier. Pabau also provides resources for monitoring employee performance to ensure that customers stay satisfied. 

Though Pabau allows you to easily perform multiple aspects of practice management from one platform and keep your calendar booked and busy, it doesn’t quite do everything. Some customers have found issues with the software updates and wish the CRM was even more powerful. Pabau also lacks digital signage capabilities, something your business needs. 

Fresha — Most affordable med spa booking software

Fresha makes med spa booking incredibly affordable. Billed as the only free platform for salons and spas, Fresha only charges you for optional paid features like payments, marketplace bookings and communications—and you can cancel at any time.

While Fresha offers a highly affordable med spa booking and scheduling platform, its general capabilities aren’t as expansive as other options. It lacks many features that a med spa needs, meaning you’ll likely need to invest in other software to run your med spa right.

What you need to know about med spa software

Serving clients in a med spa is hands-on work, but managing the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day in your med spa doesn’t have to be. The best med spa software will make running your practice as smooth as your clients’ complexions. 

What is med spa software?

Med spa software enables med spa owners to manage key business operations from appointment booking, marketing and patient journeys, payments, inventory and employee engagement. 

What are some common features of medical spa software?

The best med spa software comes equipped with features that will make for smoother, more polished operations in your practice:

  1. Appointment scheduling
  2. Inventory and product management
  3. Communications and marketing
  4. Employee engagement and tracking
  5. Client information and forms
  6. Payments and point-of-sale
Besides EMR, what software does a med spa need?

Software that works with electronic medical records is a key aspect of any medical practice, including med spas. However, med spas also require software that can manage the day-to-day aspects of running a practice. Your med spa will need software that helps with appointments, inventory, marketing, payment and employee engagement. 

Med spas are in the business of helping people look and feel their best, so why not help give your med spa its best, boldest look with med spa marketing software that connects to customers at every stage of their journey? With UPshow Health, you get digital signage that turns the waiting room into a prime marketing opportunity. 

UPshow—the best med spa software for on-premise marketing

Using UPshow Health, you’ll get a powerful platform that provides the digital signage you need while offering extensive on-premise marketing features to turn first-time clients into longtime customers.

UPshow Health allows you to customize your on-premise marketing based on actual, real-time customer data. Your customers’ relationships with you start the moment they walk through your front doors, so make it count with UPshow Health. Schedule your demo today!

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