Improving Healthcare Employee Engagement

UPshow SHIFT for Healthcare is the only employee engagement platform that reaches all your healthcare workers, from doctors to desk staff, and measurably improves employee communication, training completion speed and operational excellence while driving revenue for your clinics.


“With UPshow SHIFT for Healthcare, we distribute company-wide internal messages using our back office screens, and have moved away from easily ignored bulletin boards and paper handouts. This transformation provides huge value to our entire team, helps our employees do their jobs more effectively and improves patient experience.”

Jenn McClain-De Jong, Chief Marketing Officer

Improve Internal Communication and Reduce Turnover

Increase employee engagement and reduce turnover by celebrating your deskless workers, centralizing communications and gaining valuable feedback.

Communicate HR announcements on your private TV network

Ensure consistent messaging across all shifts and locations

Welcome new employees and celebrate milestones to boost morale

Test employee engagement ideas for your hospitals and gain valuable feedback with employee surveys


Train Employees Faster

Incorporate training into your nurse engagement strategies. Ensure your staff complete training requirements quickly and boost employee development.

Notify staff of mandatory trainings and display training status

Provide easy access to training programs via QR codes

Decrease completion time by up to 30%


Increase Operational Task Completion

Enable SMART goals for employee engagement in your healthcare facility. Track and display important key performance indicators, streamline processes and motivate employees to reduce operational risk.

See task completion status at a glance

Address operational concerns before they arise

Empower teams to drive performance

Increase transparency by sharing customer feedback


“We recently started using UPshow to connect what’s happening across all of our clinics. It’s been great to see our teams across the valley, and also use the spotlight content for recognition and to inform everyone in our company of staff celebrations!”

Kristi Blankenship, Vice President, OSR Physical Therapy

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Engagement

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