Better Together: 3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Point of Sale (POS) System and Digital Signage

February 1, 2021

Do you have a bunch of freeloaders slacking around in your store? We’re not talking about your employees—we’re talking about your screens. Are they just hanging out on the wall, not contributing much?

Whether you run a restaurant, a grocery store or any other kind of retail establishment, you need to put your screens to work—and one of the best ways to do that is to integrate them with your point of sale (POS) system. Digital signage and POS integrations create better shopping experiences for your customers, higher levels of productivity and engagement for your employees and a greater ability to track your success and make continuous adjustments and improvements.  

Here’s how:

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POS Systems Are More Powerful When They’re Integrated With Your Screens

POS systems and digital signage are like peanut butter and jelly: they’re each great alone, but together they’re amazing. 

First, your POS system, such as NCR Aloha, allows you to track everything in your restaurant kitchen or store. You can keep track of what inventory you have on hand, including expiration dates for perishables. Plus, you can use your POS to manage sales metrics, monitoring what’s selling well or looking specifically at any criterion you want, from the day of the week and time of day to who’s on the floor. At the same time, your screens—if you’re using them right—are providing customized entertainment, pushing your branded content, promoting special deals and building customer excitement. 

For you, though, the real excitement comes when you integrate your POS system with your digital signage. Your screens can become central hubs for information by tapping into your inventory and sales data. Got an extra order of chicken that’s nearing its sell-by date? Your digital signage can automatically suggest chicken dishes to shoppers or diners. Suddenly have twice as many skirts as usual on hand? Have your screens display outfit combinations featuring that extra stock. With POS integrations, your digital signs can display information in real time to drive benefits in both the front of house and the back of house.

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Front-of-House Benefits of Integrating Your POS and Digital Signage: Enhanced Customer Experience

We’ve all had this shopping experience: you see an ad for a t-shirt you love, so you head over to pick up your own before they’re gone. When you walk in the door, you see the same shirt on a display paired with a fabulous pair of shorts and sandals. But then you realize you can’t find any of those clothes anywhere—they’re all sold out. Disappointing, right?

Now, imagine instead that when you walk into the store, you see a display with a similar shirt that has plenty of stock. As you’re picking out your size, a nearby display suggests a few different outfit pairings—all of which are in stock and on the shelves—and provides a custom QR code with a current promotion that will get you a discount if you buy a full outfit. When stock on those items runs low, the screens update to suggest other items and pairings that have plenty of inventory, all the while suggesting discounts, special offers and loyalty programs. 

Quick tip: Overstocked on sweaters, throw blankets or soup just in time for a major storm? Use your screens to display a current weather forecast and suggest supplies that your customers will definitely want.

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Back-of-House Benefits of Digital Signage and POS Integration: Increased Productivity

It’s not just your customers who benefit from integrating your POS system with your digital signage. With inventory data continually updated through your POS, your staff can recognize and fix shortages before customers notice them. Restock your shelves, rearrange items or adjust staffing to deal with fluctuations in sales, improving employee productivity and avoiding hassles and frustrations. 

Plus, your employees will be able to stay focused on their work without wasting time monitoring inventory or changing out signs, displays or promotions. You can also use instantly updated sales info to run leaderboards on your back-room screens, fostering a friendly sense of competition and boosting employee engagement. And, because you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of everything you do, you’ll be able to make continuous adjustments and improvements.

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With UPshow’s digital signage and POS integrations, you can ensure better shopping experiences for your customers and improved productivity and engagement for your employees—all while keeping tabs on your key performance indicators. By seamlessly incorporating entertainment, POS systems and bespoke custom applications, you’ll get the most from your digital signage and maximize the data from your POS system.

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