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Bar + Full-Service Restaurant Digital Signage

Use your restaurant or bar TV to create memorable experiences that turn one-time diners into loyal customers. From increased satisfaction to increased sales, UPshow helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

With UPshow’s digital signage software, you influence customers’ in-venue behaviors. Increase dwell time, drive app downloads and impact spend per transaction.

Restaurant digital signage promotion that offers users free appetizers for scanning the QR code and downloading the app.

How do you upgrade your experience from a nice meal to a memorable event? Say hello to UPshow’s content library. Our 300+ entertainment channels enhance every type of dining atmosphere.

Video still from People are Awesome of a man flying through the air on a motorcycle with his legs in the air

The restaurant business moves quickly, but the UPshow cloud-based digital signage platform moves even faster. Easily modify menu item promotions, and update your screens in minutes to drive efficiencies and avoid service delays.

Promotion for a bar tv with the heading "Buy one, get one beer during happy hour," beer in the background and a QR code.

Does a video of a beverage being poured influence sales more than a static promotional graphic in your restaurant? With UPshow’s in-depth analytical capabilities, you learn which content drives incremental sales.

Insights in the UPshow Manager platform that include mobile engagement, eppearances and revenue generated by restaurant signage.

From time-of-day promotion adjustments to limited-time menu offers, UPshow’s cloud-based platform gives you the flexibility to adapt on the fly.

Restaurant digital signage showing an Oreo shake as a new item along with sold-out items.
People gathered in a restaurant watching a football game along with sports trivia.

Cut Through the Noise With Your Restaurant Digital Signage

Bars and restaurants are fast-paced spaces. UPshow gives you the tools to break through the chaos and create meaningful customer connections. From social media displays of your customers enjoying your latest trivia night, to promotions of the upcoming big game, or appetizing videos of fudge drizzled over ice cream, our platform helps you catch customers’ eyes and drive them toward your objectives.

Enhance Dining Experiences

Great meals are just one piece of the customer loyalty puzzle, and our software empowers you to create memorable in-venue experiences. UPshow’s expansive entertainment library of 300+ channels and simple content creation tools allow you to easily enhance your restaurant or bar TV programming. Features like interactive trivia, hyper-local sports content, sports betting tools and viral video channels keep diners glued to their seats and focused on your screens.

Our platform also allows you to build your brand through social media initiatives, spotlighting customer photos or diners who complete special challenges. With hashtag-based posting that automatically populates your screens, UPshow helps you create a community that extends beyond the walls of your restaurant. By using your TVs to improve the dining experience, you boost customer satisfaction to drive positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. And our software doesn’t just elevate your entertainment. From eye-catching drink special spotlights to captivating digital menu boards for restaurants, our customizable templates turn everyday promotions into special events.

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Customer with beer glasses interacting with the bar tv on their mobile device.

Drive Better Results with Restaurant Digital Signage Communication

When you engage customers through compelling digital signage, you set the stage for additional business wins. UPshow provides you the tools to turn your restaurant or bar TV into a powerful customer engagement platform. We help you achieve objectives that bolster your business success—from incremental sales to employee engagement.

Maximize Profitability

Whatever your restaurant’s goals are, UPshow lets you create a content mix that helps you achieve them. Use your screens to showcase a mouth-watering, slow-motion video of high-value entrée, or display a promotion aimed at boosting per-transaction spend. Through customizable, visually appealing templates, you drive users toward actions that boost your revenue—like increased dwell time, loyalty app downloads or purchases of high-margin menu items.

With UPshow’s built-in Canva design tools and content library, you create advertisements that inspire actions. Your restaurant and bar screens hold a lot of untapped potential—UPshow lets you use them to build connections that drive action and boost your bottom line.

Unlock Efficiencies

The restaurant business moves quickly. UPshow’s cloud-based platform makes it easy to manage those changes. Leverage menu signag to quickly and efficiently communicate updates to your staff, ensuring speed of service and maintaining positive customer experiences. With UPshow, your screens keep employees informed on changing food safety policies and communicate training programs updates so that no one falls behind. Track key service and operational metrics so management can resolve issues immediately—or prevent them before they even happen.

“UPshow makes our restaurants more efficient and better places to work, which will lead to higher productivity and employee retention.”

Benjamin Wasser, COO
Bar patrons drinking beer and watching a bar TV, with other UPshow screens in the background.

Access Granular Analytics to Improve Your Approach

To continually optimize and improve your digital signage, you need to see the engagement numbers. Access to analytics helps you make decisions about which campaigns work, which ads perform best and which QR codes drive results. UPshow’s restaurant digital signage software gives you the data to measure all of this and more.

Track Outcomes

UPshow’s cloud-based content creation platform lets you build in tracking capabilities from step one. Add customizable QR codes, short links or SMS codes to your promotional UPshow Spotlights. With our pre-made templates, personalize the color and graphic options to match your restaurant’s marketing materials. Within the same platform, you track each offer’s performance and make changes as needed. Our dashboard offers a complete view of which menu items, special discounts or other promotions drive diner interest.

Quickly Adjust

UPshow’s analytics aren’t just a nice-to-have feature—they are key to helping you create campaigns that generate higher ROI. With in-depth data on which promotional Spotlights produce your desired outcomes most effectively, you can continually adjust your screens. From day-to-day refinements based on information to longer-term promotional planning, our data empowers your team to make smart marketing decisions.

We partner with you to leverage the TVs in your venue in ways that serve your business. Your goals may range from driving food sales with front of house signage to motivating bar staff with gamification tools. But whatever your objectives, UPshow wants to help. We supplement our user-friendly software with consultative customer success teams that specialize in restaurant and bar promotions. When you’re trying to find the right content mix for your business, our team is there to serve as a valuable resource.

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Restaurant staff preparing food in the kitchen, with internal digital signage in the background that highlights menu items.
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