9 Ways to Build Healthcare Revenue Without Sacrificing Patient Care

December 11, 2022

Ideally, a healthcare clinic can find a happy balance between revenue and patient care. Because providing care can be costly, often the tides turn to one extreme or the other. 

Luckily, new solutions make it possible for clinics to meet both of their goals. 

You can make the most of what digital signage has to offer so that your clinic can run efficiently, support patients and still walk away with healthy margins. 

Establish an online presence 

Across industries, leaders are turning to digital marketing strategies to see returns on their investments. The healthcare industry is no exception, and you can easily expand growth with a few simple strategies.  

Create an easy-to-navigate webpage

As patients seek out their options for care, your website will likely be their first point of contact. The more information patients can gather from your website, the more likely they will be to seek your services. Try incorporating some of these tools into your website to make it easy to navigate, and to potentially alleviate some administrative weight off your staff:  

  • Live chat
  • Simple calls to action and forms for contact information
  • Online scheduling and patient portal
  • Relevant content, like blog posts with health advice

Post on social media

User screen time and engagement with social media are skyrocketing. Leveraging the potential of social media to grow your clinic is a simple way to jump aboard the digital marketing train. 

Some ways you’ll see a return on your investment include: 

  • Helping patients discover services and products you offer
  • Getting the attention of new patients
  • Creating organic avenues for patient communication 

From Instagram to Twitter, building a presence on these social media platforms will help your clinic reach potential patients where they enjoy spending their time. Plus, it’s easy to share the content you create on your in-office screens.

Reduce costs with digital solutions

Investing in the right digital solutions can help you get more out of every labor hour that you schedule. Here’s how you can use digital signage to streamline your clinic's operations.

Self-service check-in

With digital signage, you can easily create self-service check-in kiosks so that patients can check themselves in for appointments. This will free up your front desk workers to complete more complex work, like catching up on billing and rescheduling.

Recent research suggests that self-service kiosks in healthcare facilities may even offer benefits for patients' health, including: 

  • Increasing screening of chronic diseases and mental illness
  • Ease of prescription management 
  • Increases in health and prevention literacy 

There are other flexible ways to create these self-service check-ins, too. By using QR codes that link out to patient check-in forms, you can avoid installing a full kiosk and opt for sharing information about how to check-in on waiting room screens instead. 

Make communication efficient 

Using digital solutions to communicate with patients can help your clinic quickly resolve inefficiencies in scheduling, billing and follow-up. 

Flexibility in communication makes it possible for patients to access care when they need it, even when their schedules are hectic. It also allows your staff to split communication efforts and prioritize complex tasks while maintaining a steady stream of patient communication.

Using digital tools can help you by:

  • Making billing practices known to patients early on
  • Sharing scheduling availability and office closures
  • Creating options for patients to use digital resources to answer questions or address concerns. 

Improve your turnover rates

Research shows that the average staff turnover rate in hospitals is around 20%. This pressing issue results in lost time and money that’s funneled into training efforts. Plus, it goes without saying that high turnover rates lead to inefficiencies that impact the care your patients receive. 

Being proactive about these problems not only helps keep money in your clinic, but it keeps patients happy, too. 

Address employee concerns

Addressing employee concerns to reduce turnover rates can be a simple process with digital signage

On an operational level, digital signage solutions can help you streamline internal communication and keep staff up to date on different clinic policies and procedures. This can make a huge difference not only for your seasoned employees’ performance but also for your new staff. 

This is where UPshow SHIFT can help you do the heavy lifting. The powerful software effortlessly integrates with third-party systems to help you create dynamic displays that boost morale and productivity. 

It helps create a supportive onboarding process that allows inexperienced staff to quickly adjust to their new work environment. UPshow SHIFT is the perfect way to assure your staff that they always have the resources they need, even as they take on a new learning curve. 

Working in healthcare is no easy task, and showing your employees they are appreciated can make all the difference in their work experience. 

Digital signage can help you do this with fun, celebratory displays that recognize staff on their birthdays, showcase positive patient experiences, or share positive messages from fellow coworkers. 

Increase patient satisfaction

Keeping loyal patients in your practice is more cost-effective than replacing clients who cycle in and out of your office. You can keep patients happy, healthy and loyal by trying out some of these strategies. 

Offer flexible patient care

Between work schedules and family, making time for healthcare can feel like a struggle to some patients. 

Making the patient experience flexible wherever you can may set you aside from clinics that offer services in traditional ways.  Using an app for your clinic is just one way to do this. 

Mobile healthcare apps make it possible for patients to schedule and request medical forms easily, without having to make a call in the middle of the work day. It also offers a flexible entry point for patients to reach out to their providers through in-app messaging.

Apps lead to revenue-driving behavior by making the scheduling process easier, and they can encourage patients to engage in long-term preventative care by using notification systems that remind patients about follow-up appointments or newly offered services.  

Emphasize patient satisfaction to your team

Keeping your patients happy starts with how they’re treated by staff. Keeping patient satisfaction at the core of your patient care strategies ensures that patients feel heard and cared for.

This means that you’ll need to create opportunities for patient feedback regularly. You can do so with anonymous surveys, digital polls and online reviews. Patients can gain access to these feedback opportunities through QR codes and posted forms.

Having access to patient feedback allows your team to pivot when it needs to, and expand services to address specific needs.

Use digital tools to reduce patient wait times

Creating a positive wait experience for patients is one way to increase patient satisfaction. 

Digital displays make it easy for you to make the most of your waiting area. You can share information and estimated wait times to increase transparency and patient awareness, or you may opt for a more entertainment-based approach. 

Often overlooked by clinicians, nearly two-thirds of patients experience waiting room anxiety.  This stress often keeps us from wanting to visit the doctor's office until a situation is dire. Luckily, helping patients work through these feelings is painless with UPshow. 

UPshow features over 500 channels of entertainment so that patients can pass the time watching content that helps reduce patient anxiety.  Display natural imagery to help calm patients down and ground them in the moment. 

Use digital signage to help meet patient care and revenue goals

Digital signage solutions are flexible, low-cost high-return investments you can make to improve your patients’ experiences. Not sure how to get started? Let UPshow help.

Find the right solution for you

The first step is knowing how you want to make the most of digital signage solutions.  Consider gaps in your practice or patient experience that you want to address. Our experts can help you find a way to meet those needs.

Invest in hardware 

Your digital solutions need hardware to be deployed. Depending on the project you are executing, different hardware solutions may be most beneficial for you. You can use: 

  • Media player
  • Tablets for check-in purposes 
  • TVs for entertainment 
  • Monitors for wayfinding or sharing scheduling information

Get the most out of your investment 

Your digital signage solution will be powered by the software that you choose. If you want to get as much out of your investment as possible, you need to find a solution that can help you accomplish all of your goals.

UPshow offers a range of features that can help your clinic make the most of its new digital displays, including: 

  • Premade templates and powerful tools to create your own displays from scratch
  • Over 500 channels of entertainment
  • Built-in analytics tools to track the efficacy of your campaigns

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free demo today to learn more about how we can help.