Chick-Fil-A Franchisees Unlock the Secret to Success: Upgrading to UPshow Digital Community Boards

February 21, 2019

David Chen, owner of Chick-Fil-A Southroads, and Mallory Givens, Director of Marketing at Chick-Fil-A Grovetown, pride themselves on creating a space that connects with and celebrates the community in which their Chick-Fil-A restaurant is located. However, when the traditional community board in the restaurant started to be a drain on time and resources, both David and Mallory looked to find a better option.

The classic community boards were made from chalkboard, making it labor-intensive and pricey to update. A chalk artist had to come in to redesign the board, and changes to information displayed were far from instant. In addition, the static art could only communicate one or two messages at a time.

That’s why when David and Mallory discovered UPshow, they were thrilled.

UPshow is a digital in-venue engagement platform that connects directly to a business’s existing televisions, creating a dynamic, interactive display with a host of features. All David and Mallory had to do was replace the chalkboard in their community frame with a screen. Instead of showing one or two messages, the screen cycles through multiple, so customers don’t miss a thing.

It’s not just digital signage. UPshow’s interactive social media display brings people together and draws attention to the community board by allowing diners to share their Chick-Fil-A experience on-screen. All they have to do is post a photo or video on Instagram or Twitter -- the post is moderated and then displayed on the screen within minutes, creating a special moment for them and driving word-of-mouth online for the restaurant.

David and Mallory can then view CRM data about how their customers interact with the screen, whether they are scanning a mobile coupon or downloading the loyalty app. They are able to do this, and make any other updates to the board, with a few clicks of a mouse -- UPshow’s cloud-based control panel is accessible by phone or computer, and can be set up to manage one or multiple locations.

“It hits our 3 ‘Ps’: people, place, and product. We can talk about new products, leave legacy of impact, and bring the community into our store so easily. [The] passion for ensuring this platform is utilized for all its worth makes UPshow far above the others.” -Mallory Givens, Director of Marketing, Chick-Fil-A Grovetown

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