Cloud Server Digital Signage Can Save You Time and Money

April 12, 2022

Research shows that 94% of companies use cloud technology in one way or another. 

However, only a small percentage of usage comes from cloud server digital signage.

Why is this significant? Simply put, cloud-based digital signage is a technology that can help save you a significant amount of time and money.

Interested? Keep reading to discover the benefits of using cloud server digital signage, how to unlock its full potential, and pitfalls to be aware of before you get started. 

What is cloud server digital signage?

Cloud server digital signage is a platform that hosts all of your digital signage content in the cloud. 

The company that you purchase the software from hosts the server where the data is kept. With this type of software, you can manage your digital signage content from anywhere and on any device as long as it has an internet connection.

How can this software save you money?

Cloud server digital signage can help your company cut costs in each of the following areas:

Reduce your printing costs

Estimates show that the average employee costs about $725 per year in printing costs. Multiply that number across your team, and you’re potentially looking at a significant print spend. 

Using cloud server digital signage can bring your printing costs down significantly – if not completely – depending on your industry. 

Digital signage gives you an efficient, real-time way to share important information digitally with your team. In addition to communications from management, you can also set up your platform to allow employees to communicate with one another through it.

The net result is that you’ll be able to replace a significant amount of what you’re currently printing with a digital alternative and not only cut down on costs but reduce the environmental impact of using large amounts of printed materials. 

Over time, this cost can contribute towards recuperating your initial investment in cloud server digital signage software.

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Get more out of your advertising budget

On-premise advertising is essential for brick-and-mortar businesses such as restaurants and doctors’ offices. 

Unfortunately, it can be expensive to create new physical advertisements from scratch every time you want to highlight a new product or service. This limits how agile you can be with your messaging.

Cloud server digital signage bypasses this issue completely by allowing you to seamlessly add, subtract and update your on-premise ads with the press of a button. 

Not only is this a massive timesaver, but you won’t have to spend a dime to make the changes that you want to see in your on-premise ads, allowing you to assign your marketing budget elsewhere. 

Optimize your employees’ productivity

Research suggests that the average employee wastes about 94 minutes per day

Much of this time waste occurs during the gaps between completing one task and starting another.

Cloud server digital signage can help you reduce or eliminate these gaps, as it’s an easy way to remind your employees what’s on their to-do list. You can also provide visual checklists of “downtime” or repeated tasks to help your employees to prioritize their workload after their main tasks have been completed. 

You can also use the same platform to share real-time messages about your most pressing needs, schedule changes, large reservations, inventory alerts, and more.  

No need to purchase any special machinery

Perhaps the best cost-saving feature of cloud server digital signage is the fact that you can access it on any internet-enabled device. 

You can enjoy the full benefits of this technology without having to purchase an expensive new computer or tablet to do so. Simply display your signage on any existing TV or tablet, and control it from anywhere. 

How does cloud server digital signage save you time?

In addition to money, you can also save a good deal of time by investing in cloud server digital signage. Here are four opportunities for time-saving with this technology:

Work on your digital displays from anywhere

Cloud server digital signage lets you update your displays remotely from anywhere you have a solid internet connection. That means you don’t have to make a special trip to your business just to update your displays.

Plus, if you’re out of town, you can continue managing your digital signage software instead of leaving it static until you return.

Seamlessly update your digital content in every location from a single device

Some business owners (like franchisees) manage a fleet of brick-and-mortar businesses. If that’s you, then manually updating your digital content across every location can be a huge time sink.

This is where cloud server digital signage comes to the rescue – seamlessly push out content updates across every branch with a single update.

Utilize pre-built templates to get your ideas out faster

Great displays are the cornerstone of effective digital signage. 

That being said, putting together high-quality displays from scratch can be a time-consuming process – especially when you plan on updating yours frequently to reflect seasonal changes, deals and more. 

Cloud server digital signage such as UPshow’s digital engagement platform fixes this.

With our software, you can choose from a host of engaging pre-built digital signage templates. That way, you can significantly shorten the design phase and get the content that you want to share out as soon as possible.

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Automate important employee communications

If you manage a large team, it can be difficult to make sure everyone on it receives your important announcements. You likely won’t have the time to confirm that every employee has heard them directly either.

Once you upgrade to cloud server digital signage, it’s easy to push out important messages to your entire team simultaneously, no matter where you’re located.

You can even integrate QR code links into your displays to allow your employees to quickly confirm that they understood your latest message with a short quiz.

Getting started with cloud server digital signage

Are you beginning to think that cloud server digital signage could be right for your brand?

If so, there are two major steps to getting started:

1. Select your screens

To get as much out of your cloud server digital signage as possible, you need to make sure that it’s easy for everyone to see the displays that you create with it. Choosing the right screen setup is how you ensure this happens.

Your screen needs will vary based on the nature of your business and your digital signage goals. 

For example, a restaurant would want to have screens in all areas where customers congregate. It would also want screens in its back of house so that employees can see different, custom content you share with them while they work.

But a medical clinic may want to invest in touchscreens. That way, they can harness the power of cloud server digital signage to let patients check themselves into their appointments.

2. Choose your software

The software that you select will have a huge impact on how much you’re able to get out of cloud server digital signage.

Ideally, your software should have each of the following characteristics:

  • Updateable from any internet-enabled device
  • Intuitive to use
  • Includes hundreds of pre-built templates
  • Can help you entertain your audience as well with live-streaming video entertainment
  • Powerful enough to support your digital signage goals across every one of your locations

Things to be aware of while getting started

Though cloud server digital signage can help you save both time and money, there are some potential pitfalls to keep an eye out for while you adjust to it.

Incorrect screen placement

The success or failure of your digital signage setup, ultimately, comes down to whether people can see your displays or not. That’s why it’s important to focus on screen placement while getting started.

It isn’t enough to just hang your screens in the right places, either. You also want to make sure that they’re at the right angle and height. That way, your guests and employees will see them naturally without having to crane their necks to do so.

Poor display design

Your displays will only be effective if they both capture your audience’s attention and convey whatever you want them to in an intuitive way.

If you’re not super confident with your ability to create those types of displays from scratch, you may want to begin by relying a bit more on pre-built digital signage templates until you get your feet under you.

Failing to manage your display rotation

It’s also crucial to be proactive about display rotation management. If you’re showing ads for a deal that’s already passed, customers are going to start neglecting your digital signage displays. That’ll limit how much you can get out of this technology.

UPshow makes it easy to benefit from cloud server digital signage

If you’re searching for cloud server digital signage software that has all of the features shown above, look no further than UPshow.

With UPshow, it’s incredibly easy to create, edit, and manage your digital displays. Our software is versatile enough to be beneficial for all types of companies as well, so you can use it regardless of whether you run a restaurant chain or an enterprise-level company.

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