Digital Signs for Churches: Modernize the Way You Worship

November 12, 2021

A recent study found that about 53% of churches use digital signage or projectors to deliver sermons. 

Many of these religious institutions also use their digital signage to promote community engagement, inform churchgoers of upcoming events and solicit donations.

If your church isn’t using digital signage yet, now could be the time to invest in it. Doing so could help you modernize the way that your congregation worships. 

But if you’re not familiar with digital church signs, you probably aren’t aware of all of the helpful things you can do with it.

That’s why we’ve put together the following article. Keep reading to learn how your church can use digital signage to modernize its processes.

Understanding digital church signage

Before diving into the benefits that digital signage can provide your church, let’s take a moment to review what it is exactly.

A digital church sign features three components:

  • Screens (like TVs, tablets and computer monitors)
  • Digital signage software
  • Digital signage media player (This is not necessary with a smart TV)

You can use digital signage software to design displays that you want to share with your audience. Your media player then processes those displays and shares them through your screens.

It’s worth noting that you can rotate through multiple displays on the same screen at whatever pace you want, making it possible to accomplish several goals with a single screen.

Modern church signage: What are the benefits of digital church signs

Digital signage can help bring your church into the 21st century. The numerous benefits all accrue with the implementation of the following church sign ideas:

Spread the word with digital church marquee signs

A well-placed digital church marquee sign on the exterior of your church can be an effective way to spread the word about your community and your faith.

You can create dynamic digital displays that advertise who you are, what you believe and services or events you hold. It’s also possible to rotate through several displays on the same screen, making it easy to highlight whatever aspects of your church you think will bring more people into it.

Keep your community informed

Digital signage is also an excellent way to keep your church community informed. 

You can place screens throughout your building to inform, advertise and educate regular members or visitors. 

This can be especially helpful for churches that also host community events. You can use your digital signage to display a community calendar so that people know about the various events that you have going on throughout the month.

Of course, you can also create single screens to highlight specific events that are especially important to the church. Examples of this can include fundraising events and meetings around major religious holidays.

Enhance the worship experience

Digital signage can make worshipping better for your congregation. That’s because it opens up new avenues for you to engage your people.

For example, you could use digital signage to easily share religious song lyrics so that people can sing along.

You could also use your digital signage to share images, graphics or videos that add a new dimension to your worship. Varied content like this can help to get your congregation more immersed in the experience that you’re trying to share with them.

Cut costs

Churches tend to spend a lot of money on things like photocopying and printing. That’s because there’s a lot of information they want to share with their congregation.

But with digital signage, you can get rid of the vast majority of your printing and photocopying needs. Instead of having to print and copy dozens or hundreds of papers every time you want to make an announcement, you can just make the announcement digitally.

You could save a ton of money every year from this alone. After enough time has passed, your savings from things like this could even recuperate the initial investment that you make to set up your digital signage.

Save time

Your church workers could also save a lot of time and energy if you invest in digital signage. That’s because this technology enables you to quickly create, edit and share new screens from any internet-enabled device.

That makes it much easier to share new updates with your community. You won’t have to create and hang large posters each time that you want to share a new piece of information. Instead, you’ll just be able to quickly update the signage that you already have in place to share new messages whenever you want.

Protect the environment

There’s really no way to get around the fact that paper-based signage is bad for the environment

This can be another great reason for investing in digital signage. Doing so could help you reduce the amount of paper products that you use significantly, which could bring down your community’s carbon footprint.

Increase donations

Digital signage can also help a church solicit donations in more engaging and effective ways. It does so by opening up new possibilities for how you ask for donations.

For example, you can create screens that highlight specific problems in your community that you want to address. Then you can add a QR code to that screen so that a community member can easily scan the screen and donate to you right from their phone.

Digital signage also lets you create more powerful donation requests by allowing you to make those requests with high-resolution imagery, animations, and engaging rotating displays.

Encourage social media engagement

Nowadays, a church needs to have an online footprint. Digital signage can help you build that online community by encouraging followers to interact with your social media accounts.

You can do that in a few different ways.

One option is to use your digital signage to advertise your accounts on various social media platforms so that your congregation is encouraged to follow them.

Another idea is to share users’ social media posts on your digital screens. You can do that by creating a hashtag for your church so that people who use the hashtag in their posts are featured in your building. 

This can be a free way for you to advertise your church online, which is especially important considering that around 46% of churches say that social media is their most important form of outreach.

Tips for maximizing the impact of church's digital signs

Pick the right screens

Selecting the right screens is an essential part of maximizing your digital signage experience. 

You want to make sure that your screens are large enough and placed in the right locations so that your audience can clearly see whatever messages you’re sharing with them. Opting for smart TVs also removes the need to purchase a digital signage media player. 

Keep your content visually interesting

People look at things that stand out. So, if you want to make sure that your digital signage is getting attention, it’ll be important for you to share content that stands out from a visual perspective.

You can do that by using high-resolution images, animations and rotating your displays to add variety to the screen so that it doesn’t grow stale.

Put yourself in your observer’s shoes

Think about how you would interpret your digital signage as a viewer. What is it about the designs that will capture and hold an audience member’s attention? Which elements draw the eye, and which fade into the background?

If you can’t answer that question, then there’s a good chance that the display you’ve created won’t have the impact that you want it to have.

Track your progress with digital sign software

Your digital signage strategy likely won’t be perfect from the beginning–that’s okay! 

Practice makes perfect, tracking your performance and making adjustments over time can help you to make the necessary adjustments. 

Certain types of digital signage software will make this easier for you to do. For example, UPshow has built-in analytics features that make understanding the performance of each of your screens a breeze.

The key is understanding your goals and how your digital signage strategy is helping you reach them. That way, you can track your progress towards those goals and make adjustments as needed.

Let UPshow modernize your church with digital signs

If you want a super simple way to add digital signage to your church, then you should check out UPshow

Our digital signage software is a do-it-all solution that enables you to easily create, share and manage every type of digital signage content. You can even use our software to stream live video entertainment to your congregation during community events during which that’s appropriate.But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Let us show you how impactful UPshow can be for your church by signing up for a free custom demo of our software today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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