Employee Communication Tools Don’t Work for Venues | Why Restaurants, Gyms and Retail Are Switching to Signage

January 29, 2021

Effective employee communication requires the right tools; however, many communication softwares are built for offices and don’t suit the needs of venues. If you manage a gym, restaurant or even a retail store, your employees are on their feet all day, rendering many popular solutions ineffective.

Luckily, an effective solution may be closer than you think — one that leverages your existing in-venue technology. UPshow digital signage uses your in-venue TVs to help you communicate transparent information, collect feedback and track employee participation in key initiatives.

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Communicate Transparently

Effective communication directly impacts employee productivity and satisfaction. In fact, Society for Human Resource Management reports that 83% of hourly workers would stay in their job if they had more transparent communication.

In order for communication to be transparent, it should be accessible, consistent and updated regularly. Use digital signage to put messaging on the existing screens located in areas employees spend most of their time (like a TV in the back office, kitchen or break room) rather than only targeting their overwhelmed inboxes. Full control over your screen allows you to rotate messaging depending on the time of day. For example, display benefits updates as employees arrive, then switch to health and safety reminders during your customer rush. 

Employees will be more likely to notice and pay attention to messaging that is placed where they are already conditioned to look. Plus, the relevant information will continue to engage them. When they understand these screens provide important information, they’ll keep looking. And UPshow makes it easy to update and schedule messaging quickly across unlimited locations, all from one computer, to ensure consistent messaging for all employees. As a result, your employees will have access to the information they need, and that will make them more productive and more satisfied.

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Collect Feedback

Effective employee communication goes both ways — not only do you need to communicate with employees, but they also need to communicate with you. 

Surveys remain one of the most effective ways of asking your employees what they think about their job. In spite of this, most companies report conducting surveys only one or two times per year; however, best practice recommends providing multiple surveys per quarter

Digital signage makes it easy to conduct surveys quickly and effectively. Simply create a survey question or call-to-action for a longer survey in our digital signage creator. UPshow then allows you to add a QR code directly to the signage, which you can link to a response form. Employees simply scan the code with their phone and are instantly directed to the form. 

Simple, frequent surveys create an ongoing feedback channel from employee to employer. Using signage to deliver feedback makes employees feel heard and reinforces your signage as a primary communication tool that employees should pay attention to. All in all, this strategy will give you the transparency you need to keep employees happy and their performance high.

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Track Participation

Whether you’re conducting training or encouraging participation in annual open enrollment, it's important to know if all employees have completed necessary action items. Traditional employee management portals can be slow and complex to use, discouraging employees from seeking out and completing these important tasks. 

Digital signage can lower this barrier to entry by leveraging employees’ mobile phones. Once again including QR codes in your messaging makes it easy for employees to interact with action items the moment they see them with a single scan from their phone camera. As employees use the code, UPshow’s management portal will track how many employees have participated, allowing you to know what percentage of your team has completed tasks. This information can then be displayed onscreen as well to increase accountability and drive lagging employees to catch up to their peers.

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Forget traditional software and start communicating with your team effectively using the tools you already have. Leverage your existing screens to display important information about training and open enrollment, collect feedback from your employees and keep staff informed to drive engagement and performance. It’s easy with a little help from UPshow.

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