How Digital Screen Data Can Help You Maximize Employee Engagement

August 4, 2022

Research suggests that companies with high levels of employee engagement are 21% more profitable. What could you do with so much extra revenue?

Focusing on employee engagement is more than an HR strategy, it cultivates a high-profit business that is scalable and primed to grow.

Employee engagement is a hot-button issue, often leaving employers mystified by what an effective strategy might look like. 

However, digital screen data (captured and recorded through digital signage), not only serves as a simple solution but also lends insight into a complicated problem. Keep reading to learn how.

What you need to know about digital screen data.

Before we dive into using digital screen data to maximize employee engagement, it’s worth taking a second to review what it actually is.

Digital screen data is information from data sources that is able to be displayed on a screen. It could be through a QR code, a social media post, etc.

Digital screen data in businesses can include any of those things, but the content shared with employees may be slightly different and the data may be used in different ways. It may include displaying: 

  • Key performance indicators
  • Employee rankings
  • Updates on SOPs

It kills two birds with one stone and keeps employees in touch with the information they need while understanding if they are actively engaging with and using that information.

Keep everyone connected with improved internal communication.

Digital screens create new avenues for effective communication. It works by targeting gaps in communication and knowledge sharing.

Keep communication fast and consistent.

Whether you are looking to scale up or if you want to streamline communication across the span of your business, digital signage can help you keep all of your employees on the same page. 

With it, you can create a single informative display and share it with all of your teams across all of your physical locations instantly. This can significantly speed up the amount of time it takes to inform your team, which makes communication and productivity a consistent part of your business practices.

Improve performance

There are tons of great ways that you can use digital signage to boost both individual and team performance. 

For example, research shows that employees work harder in a competitive workplace. With digital signage, you can inspire friendly competition by rewarding high performers. 

You can also use this technology to unify your team around company-wide goals and objectives. It’s a powerful tool for unlocking the full potential of your workers. From team competitions to branch recognition, the power of digital signage is limited only to your imagination.

Reach non-digital employees

Fast communication is an essential part of maximizing employee engagement. That’s easy enough with workers who are on digital devices all day. But what about your employees in the warehouse, kitchen or any other ‘deskless’ part of your business? 

Digital signage can be used to communicate with employees whose roles keep them away from computer screens with the same consistency as the ones you can ping directly. It should help you keep your entire team on the same page.

Increase productivity

You can also boost your team’s operational task completion rate. Digital signage makes it easier to see what tasks need to be completed at any given moment and inform your team leaders of them when necessary.

Plus, you can display a running tally of completed tasks on a screen throughout a shift. That way, it’s always clear to employees what they should be working on whenever there’s downtime.

Speed up training for existing employees

UPshow SHIFT, our employee engagement platform, can also help you make significant strides in the training of employees. For example, you can use it to:

  • Automatically notify workers of mandatory training
  • Highlight employees who haven’t completed training
  • Decrease training time to completion by as much as 30%

When you put it all together, you get more skilled and knowledgeable employees faster and with fewer gaps than you would have without a digital signage solution.

Convey meaningful information through a visual medium

Did you know that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners? That means, even if you’re already very good at sending emails and handouts to your team, many may not learn what you want them to from that type of written content.

Digital signage makes it easier to share complicated information in ways that are easier for your workers to understand intuitively. Visually displayed content also ensures that employees have consistent access to communication material, without sending them back to the original delivery method.

That means that you get to spend less time mentoring during onboarding processes, sending out reminder emails that aren’t read and issuing verbal reminders. Instead, your employees have access to everything they need, right on a big screen. 

Capitalize on the power of data and recognition

Digital signage software also gives businesses new ways to capitalize on the power of data and recognition. Here are three ways signage data can help maximize employee engagement.

Avoid high turnover with digital recognition 

Chronic turnover is a common issue for most businesses. The loss of talent, cost of training, and instability of workplace culture are barriers to growth. 

That’s why retaining existing talent should be a top priority. Digital signage helps with this.

One effective strategy for improving employee retention rates is through recognition and community building. You can use digital signage to recognize top-performing employees so that they know you value them. Letting new employees know they are valued and appreciated early on is also essential in setting the tone for their work environment. Create introductory displays, digital welcome signs or message boards to get your team members acquainted. 

All of these features add up to help your workforce feel at home when they’re on the job, and building this type of community can help you retain your talent for longer.

Gain analytic insight into employee engagement and performance

Digital screen data will also help your management team gain deeper insights into employee engagement and performance. That’s because SHIFT is compatible with top POS and LMS software.

You can display data gathered from these systems on employee-facing displays to show them what their performance looks like over time. This allows employees to self-monitor performance and make expectations clear and consistent. 

From customer satisfaction ratings to food waste, if there’s a metric that matters to your team’s performance, you can share it with UPshow SHIFT.

Give employees a chance to contribute to the display.

Recognition can come from within a team as well. Creating a culture of appreciation, recognition and teamwork increases engagement and retention alike. Digital signage makes this sort of communication easy and fun. Employees may share highlights from the workweek, praise team members or share best practices.

Doing this can help your workers feel more connected to one another and like they all have more of a stake in the success of the company.

For example, an employee may want to share a message of gratitude to a coworker that covered a shift for them or share something they learned during a shift that others may find useful.

When you give your employees the ability to share learned information like this, good things tend to happen. It’s another example of how much value you can get from an investment in digital signage.

Ready to get started?

If you read this article and decided that this technology is right for you, then you’ll need 2-3 things to get started:

  • TV screens are placed in strategic locations throughout your business
  • Media players 
  • Digital signage software

The system is fairly straightforward. You create whatever displays you want through your digital signage software. Then you connect your TVs to the appropriate app (either with a media player or without one) to share those displays through your TVs on whatever rotation schedule you want.

Use a solution that other leading businesses trust 

Are you ready to bring digital screen data to your business by investing in digital signage? If so, you’ll want to choose a provider industry leaders trust

UPshow makes digital signage easy to use and meaningful so that you get the most out of your investment in digital tools. But don’t take our word for it; sign up for a free demo today to get started.

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