How Do Retail Health Clinics Gain the Trust of Consumers?

November 24, 2020

A study from USC reports that 70% of people are now aware of retail health clinics (which fall under the broader umbrella known as convenient care clinics). However, some consumers still hesitate to take advantage of these clinics. This reluctance stems from patients’ lack of familiarity or trust with this care format or provider. How do retail health clinics build familiarity with and gain the trust of uncertain consumers? By leveraging messages on digital signage and targeting the guests already in your retail establishment. These messages enable you to promote advantages over traditional care, build on existing behavior and establish trust and awareness.

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Promote Advantages

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According to a survey from Deloitte, two-thirds of those who prefer convenient care or retail health clinics do so because getting an appointment is simple and the clinics offer greater after-hour availability. It’s crucial to make these convenient care advantages clear to potential patients already in your store. 

In a digital world, people’s eyes gravitate towards screens. Use the screens throughout your store to display your retail health clinic’s   next-day availability (something uncommon with traditional providers), promote after-hours appointments and mobile app sign up for those appointments. UPshow’s digital signage makes it easy to create the eye-catching promotional materials needed to convey these messages. The intuitive, cloud-based management platform allows you to update messaging as changes occur and appointments become available.

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Build on Existing Behavior

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When most people stop in a retail store like Walmart or CVS, they usually end up leaving with more than they came in to buy. Retail establishments count on these up-sell opportunities, and you can translate this buyer behavior to your retail health clinic. When a customer visits to purchase groceries, digital signage can encourage them to take advantage of a walk-in appointment for their flu shot. Because this activity is framed as a convenient extension of their existing behaviors, current customers readily adopt this new behavior.

Give in-store patients the ability to take advantage of on-screen offers immediately with UPshow’s custom QR code tool. This feature allows your screens to direct interested patients to relevant coupons or appointment booking web pages with a quick scan from their phones, making it easy to take action.

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Build Trust and Awareness

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Altering a healthcare regimen is stressful, even a simple change of care provider. Positive word-of-mouth puts people at ease during such a transition. Sixty percent of people choose a new doctor or hospital based on recommendations from their social circles, per the Pew Research Center. Gathering strong online reviews for your convenient care or retail health clinic attracts new patients and retains or increases visit frequency for existing ones.

Prompt patients to share their great experience at your clinic before they leave. Interactive, custom QR codes provide a seamless customer review experience.

The future of retail health clinics and convenient care is brighter than ever. Remember: the rewards of transforming the customers already in your store into patients are great. Accelerate your clinic’s success by using UPshow to engage your current patients, encourage their visits and foster trust in new ones.

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