How to Make Your TVs the MVP of Football Season

September 27, 2018
Strategies that work — no matter what kind of football your customers want to watch. ⚽🏈

It’s officially football season. Get ready for excitement, fanfare and… (sigh) all of your customers ignoring your signage because they’re focused on the big game.

While everyone loves cheering on their favorite team at their favorite venue, there’s no reason why your marketing materials can’t share the spotlight. Here are some of our favorite strategies to maximize the ROI of your digital signage during football season.

Note: While these tips are based on the many abilities of the UPshow platform, they’re applicable to anyone with digital signage in their venue.

Run promotions that tie into gameday

PRO TIP: Connecting your signage to the events that your customers love is a great way to catch their eye. Announce that your BOGO deal will only be available if a certain team wins, or give a 10% drink discount to fans who come in wearing their favorite jersey. By taking part in the things your guests are invested in, they’ll become invested in you, too.

WHY UPSHOW: UPshow’s digital signage templates make it easy to create dynamic new marketing materials in just a few clicks. No designer needed for you to roll out your seasonal signage!

Display sports updates + news in between marketing materials

PRO TIP: Inspersing your signage with the latest scores and highlights on-screen will capture your customers’ attention and hold it long enough for them to notice the information you actually want them to see.

WHY UPSHOW: UPshow’s platform allows you to mix your digital signage with social media streams curated from the top publishers in any given topic, including national and local sports teams. Our partnership with Scorestream also gives you access to up-to-the-minute scores and updates from any local sports team you want -- even high school teams.

Turn your screen into an interactive experience

PRO TIP: A foolproof way to make your signage irresistible to customers is to make it interactive. Whether you encourage them to post their gameday selfies to the screen or let them make game-outcome predictions onscreen, having your guests actively engage with what is happening on your TV guarantees more attention on the marketing materials you put in front of them.

WHY UPSHOW: UPshow’s Social TV is a dynamic social media display that makes it easy for your customers to post photos to your TV in seconds. Social TV excites and engages guests, while also encouraging them to talk more about your business on social media (talk about an MVP!)

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