How UPshow Turns Restaurant TVs Into Revenue Generators

October 22, 2019

The following is a summary of an article originally published in Total Food Service.

When it comes to considering in-venue marketing mediums, the majority of restaurants seem to default to the long standing tradition of promoting via paper. However, in an increasingly tech-centric world, the default is no longer enough to remain a competitive business.

“We live in the digital age and if your restaurant or hospitality business isn’t utilizing social media or the latest digital trends for marketing efforts, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity of potential profits and customers.”

So how can a restaurant take their in-venue marketing to the next level? With assets they already have inside their four walls - their TVs. While airing cable programming can be mildly entertaining for diners, your restaurant's TVs can do so much more.

UPshow is an all-in-one platform to take those screens to the next level. Dynamic digital signage keeps updating content cheap and easy, and puts messages in a place they are guaranteed to get attention: on screen. In addition to entertainment and marketing, UPshow’s social media display engages customers with a unique experience while also generating invaluable word of mouth.

“Not only does [having social content shared on venue TVs] make patrons happy, but it gives the business more free word-of-mouth marketing than ever before since all of the content is posted to social media. “It’s all about word of mouth referrals in the hospitality world, and we drive more and more of that simply because people want to be seen on TV.”

UPshow also allows restaurants to make their entertainment programming far more relevant, with the ability to customize content to reflect local interests. In addition to marketing benefits, the mobile-interactive nature of the platform makes introducing trivia or games to your venue as a dwell-time booster extremely cost-effective, saving hundreds in hardware costs.

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