Digital Patient Engagement: UPshow is The Patient Marketing Platform for You

April 19, 2022

Main Points
Entertainment: UPshow's offerings are robust – over 500 entertainment channels, a curated healthcare pack with anxiety-reducing content and custom trivia.
Design: UPshow offers robust content design options, including an in-platform integration with Canva and many pre-built templates.
Ads: With UPshow, you never have to show third-party ads on your TVs.
Promotions & Campaigns: UPshow improves patient care while growing revenue by running targeted on-screen campaigns with clinics' most important messaging.
Measurement: UPshow captures analytics for all campaigns to gather insights for optimizations.

With 60% of patients saying that they’d like to use digital communication tools as part of their healthcare plan, digital patient engagement is a growing part of how we deliver healthcare. 

Many companies say they can help you turn your digital engagement goals into a reality. Still, some technological solutions will prove more suited to your healthcare clinic than others.

If you’re looking for a patient marketing platform, UPshow may be the ideal solution. Our platform is straightforward, powerful and versatile enough to help you achieve all of your patient engagement goals.

Here’s what we’ll cover

  • Why patient engagement is so important
  • A feature-by-feature breakdown of UPshow's platform
  • How you can use UPshow to engage your patients digitally

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What digital patient engagement is and why it matters

Digital patient engagement involves providing healthcare tools and information to patients in digital formats. 

The purpose is to meet patients where they’re at, whether on their mobile device, laptop or tablet. With so many of us using our devices throughout the day for work, family and more, it makes sense to allow patients to access their healthcare in the same way. 

Here are a few reasons why accessible digital engagement is so important:

  • Patients expect and prefer digital communication
  • Digital engagement improves health literacy 
  • Digital access is inclusive and minimizes barriers to care

What UPshow's Platform Offers Customers

If you’re looking to prioritize digital patient engagement, there is a wide range of valuable tools and strategies available, from in-clinic education and advertising to digital portals and telehealth services. 

In this section, we’ll outline the features that UPshow offers its healthcare customers and how you can maximize patient engagement in your business. 

In-clinic entertainment and education

Patients' time in your waiting area is a great opportunity to educate them about important health topics, promote your health services and help them feel at ease with curated entertainment. 

UPshow offers a range of entertainment options and channels, including:

  • 500+ entertainment channels
  • Curated healthcare package with anxiety-reducing content
  • Music channels
  • Interactive trivia
  • Social media integration

When it comes to education, UPshow provides clinics with the opportunity to create custom content for patients’ specific healthcare interests and needs. 

For example, you could:

  • Educate patients about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle
  • Promote your health app
  • Share information about your patient portal and telehealth services
  • Inform patients about your partnerships with other local health and wellness companies
  • Educate patients on common health conditions 
  • Make use of interactive games and quizzes to boost patients’ knowledge 

Content management and ads 

Whether you want a template to get you going or the freedom to create your content from scratch, UPshow offers robust content design options. UPshow's in-platform integration with Canva enables customers to easily create displays and campaigns without ever leaving the UPshow platform. 

Templated and custom scheduling – free of the restrictions that other patient marketing platforms may impose – means you can schedule content on your terms. 

Plus, with UPshow, you never have to show third-party ads on your TVs. Several patient marketing platforms require a certain percentage of your on-screen content to be ads. UPshow believes you should only use your valuable on-screen real estate to promote your business and the messaging that matters most to you – no one else’s.

Campaign development

UPshow helps you improve patient care while growing revenue by running targeted on-screen campaigns with your most important messaging.

Not only does UPshow provide an in-platform QR code campaign creator, but we also encourage you to promote your services via campaigns. Plus, you can conveniently organize all of your current campaigns that you want patients to see on a custom mobile-friendly landing page. The benefits are huge: greater awareness of your services, more opportunities to grow revenue and additional outlets to provide value.

And what good are campaigns without results to indicate their performance? UPshow captures analytics for all of your campaigns to gather insights for future optimizations. Unfortunately, there are many patient marketing platforms that don't provide performance data to their customers.

How to start engaging patients digitally with UPshow

Now that you better understand the value that UPshow’s patient experience platform can deliver for your clinic and your patients, we’ve outlined how you can get started:

Step 1: Define your goals

Every good plan begins with a well-defined goal, and your digital patient engagement strategy is no different. 

To get the most out of your efforts, you need to know precisely what you hope to accomplish. This begins with identifying pain points within your clinic – processes that staff or patients might have voiced frustration about or that are time-consuming, outdated or inefficient. 

Are you hoping to create more ways for your patients to interact with your clinic from home? Or do you want to focus on digitally engaging patients while they’re in your waiting room? Is your clinic’s phone system constantly leaving patients on hold, or is your repeat prescription system overflowing?

Identifying where you hope to improve is crucial to implementing your overall engagement strategy to maximize your returns. 

Step 2: Set up the screens you need to achieve your goals

UPshow is at its best when you optimize the screens in your healthcare clinic with a lens toward patient experience. 

For example, maybe you primarily want a way to share important health information with your patients while they’re sitting in your waiting area. If so, you would want to have large screens available for viewing no matter where a patient sits.

Step 3: Create content that matters

Good content is the key to any digital patient engagement strategy. 

That’s why it’s essential to put thought and effort into creating the displays you’ll show to patients in your clinic.

Ideas for this include:

  • Interesting health statistics and relevant information
  • Promotions for your digital offerings and other services (e.g., telehealth, patient portals, your app)
  • Information about partnerships with local health companies (e.g., gyms and health food stores)
  • Photos that your clinic is tagged in on Instagram and Twitter
  • Custom campaigns that encourage mobile engagement via QR codes
  • Interactive content (e.g., trivia)

UPshow makes it easy to create content that will engage your patients, given that our software has pre-made templates that you can use to execute new ideas quickly.

With a wide variety of content customization features, UPshow has everything you need to create patient engagement content that stands out.

Step 4: Track your progress and adapt accordingly

It’s unlikely that the first iteration of your digital patient engagement strategy will be the most optimal.

That’s okay! It highlights why it’s essential to continuously track your performance against your goals, analyze and adapt.

Whatever your goals are, periodically reviewing your progress can help you to iterate on what content you show, when you show it, and to who you show it, to maximize your results. 

This iterative process of trial and failure is key to getting the most out of any new technology.

UPshow unlocks the benefits of digital patient engagement

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