Make Engaging QR Code Campaigns Quickly and Easily with UPshow Connect

February 11, 2022

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers and businesses alike have enjoyed the benefits of marketing campaigns driven by QR codes. In fact, QR code campaigns have become a cornerstone of marketing.

Because QR code campaigns are powerful for businesses, we’ve made them easier to create, design, run and analyze through UPshow Connect.

Utilizing QR code campaigns in UPshow Connect helps you:

  • Increase revenue
  • Drive more repeat customer visits
  • Keep customers on-premise longer

How do you do all that? Let’s look at some examples.

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Increase Revenue

Utilizing QR code campaigns for your business allows customers to engage with your marketing messages immediately, when the action is top of mind. This means customers are more likely to take advantage of on-premises offers.

With QR code campaigns, you deliver actionable messages when and where customers are most willing to see them. Consider using your QR campaigns to:

  • Provide limited-time offers, such as happy hour specials, discounted skincare products during summer months or assessments on breaks after a heavy rainfall.
  • Drive app downloads — research has shown that customers who make purchases on apps purchase more items more often.
  • Increase awareness of ancillary products and services, such as game-day events, popular medical procedures or new fitness classes.

Drive More Repeat Visits

Everyone knows that retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers. With QR code campaigns, you create more opportunities to bring customers back to your business.

That might sound counterintuitive. After all, you can’t tell someone to come back to your business when they’re not on the premises, right? 

Pull yourself back a bit: if you’re asking that question, you’re looking too far out. You can use on-premise screens and QR code campaigns to ensure customers come back. How? Here are some ideas:

  • Special offers that can only be redeemed on the next visit
  • Simplify scheduling follow-up appointments: ask customers to scan a QR code which takes them to a scheduling landing page or takes them to your in-app scheduling.
  • Give guests a membership discount after attending 5 or more classes

If you’re using QR code campaigns to drive app downloads, don’t forget to take advantage of push notifications. Push notifications are one of the most effective ways of driving customer action, and you can only use them after a customer has your app.

Keep Customers On-Premise Longer

You can also use QR code campaigns to keep your customers on your premises longer. Bars, restaurants and retail establishments can create campaigns that promote limited-time sales or specials. Gym and fitness centers can promote remaining open spaces in classes and use QR code campaigns to make it easy for customers to reserve spots.

QR code campaigns also provide access to interactive entertainment options. If you run a sports bar or restaurant, use QR code campaigns to drive customers to sports betting or interactive entertainment like trivia games.

Entertainment features like these keep guests on your premises longer, exposing them to more marketing messages and increasing the likelihood that they will make additional purchases. 

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