On-Premise Med Spa Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

January 31, 2024

One of the more satisfying parts of being a med spa practitioner involves developing relationships with customers over time. Once upon a time, building those interpersonal connections began once a customer was on the table; with sophisticated on-premise marketing, though, med spa owners can start connecting with patients much earlier.

The minutes patients spend in your waiting room are opportunities to engage with them directly by promoting new services, encouraging them to take surveys, having them join loyalty programs and entertaining them. Med spa marketing strategies should involve on-premises strategies that have been proven effective. 

8 med spa marketing strategies to get more patients and keep them

There are as many ways to reach patients as there are ways to feel beautiful. However, several med spa marketing strategies can help you engage existing customers. If you’re new to med spa marketing, you may want to check out our comprehensive guide first!

Engaging educational content and cosmetic quizzes

With on-premises digital signage, you can share information about the kinds of procedures you offer at your med spa. Patients gain deeper knowledge about the procedures they’re already booked for while gaining fresh ideas about new services to ask their practitioners about once they’re in the back.

The UPshow Health digital engagement platform comes with a robust content library that includes educational content designed to reassure patients, along with customizable health-related quizzes that also spark patient interest and make wait times fun. 

QR codes to distribute outreach forms and surveys

Showing patients that you care about them is a cornerstone of any business. But it’s especially important in the wellness and beauty industry, where services are more intimate and personal by nature.

Using UPshow Health simplifies the process of gathering customer feedback and conducting outreach. You can rely on QR integrations in the UPshow Health platform to send patient experience surveys and other forms directly to patients, making the experience of offering feedback easier and more convenient. Tracking capabilities in UPshow Health also allow you to gather actionable data from survey responses. 

Create digital displays that show off your strengths

Med spa practitioners are in the business of beauty, but talents wielding a micro-needle don’t always translate into original graphic design skills. Fortunately, the integration between UPshow Health and Canva enables you to easily create visually attractive digital displays that can do everything from promoting your newest services, celebrating your staff members and sharing patient testimonials. With fixed and multi-panel displays, you enjoy the ability to diversify content across your waiting area. 

Promote your social media in the waiting room

Many patients use their time in the waiting room to scroll through social media, so why not make sure they’re seeing your content? With digital signage through UPshow Health, you can set up display screens in high-traffic areas to pull in posts from your social media channels. 

Practice non-invasive upselling through your screens

Patients often visit med spas hoping for a relaxing and restorative environment—which doesn’t entail having staff members aggressively push various sales and promotions. The digital signage offered through UPshow Health allows you to showcase your services in an organic way that patients can engage with at their convenience.

Sending QR codes through UPshow Health also lets you discreetly share information about your products and procedures, effectively upselling those services without overwhelming patients or making them feel pressured. 

Curate the patient experience with relaxing audio

Gone are the days of Muzak and other bland elevator music for med spa waiting rooms. Your waiting area can have a hit playlist of popular, commercial-free music. Through UPshow Premium Audio, you can access a library of over 50 stations within the Music Choice selection, curating the music based on your brand and clientele. 

Retain patients with an effective loyalty program

Satisfied patients are some of your biggest brand ambassadors and a reliable group of returning customers. Getting them to sign up for a loyalty program can get them eager to book a new treatment or refer a friend. With UPshow Health, you have several ways of encouraging customers to enroll in your loyalty program, such as sending links through a QR code or advertising the perks of joining over a fixed or multi-panel display in a high-traffic area. 

Empower your patients to engage with your med spa

Making people feel healthy and beautiful is deeply personal work that requires a personal approach to marketing. Using QR codes to send surveys or share information about a loyalty program encourages customers to feel personally invited to engage with your brand. 

The ability to entertain and inform patients with over 500 channels and 50 music stations, visually dynamic promotional displays, educational content and quizzes sets your med spa apart from your competitors—and makes UPshow Health a core part of a med spa marketing strategy. 

Put your med spa marketing strategies out there with UPshow

Don’t hesitate to give your marketing a bold new look. Effective location-based marketing can help you turn curious customers into your most loyal brand ambassadors. Invest in a med spa marketing strategy that features on-premise digital signage through UPshow Health to connect with patients the moment they set foot inside your spa. 

Try out UPshow with a demo to get started!

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