A Ground-up Guide to Building a Med Spa Marketing Plan

January 29, 2024

Self-care is more than just a buzzword. As increasing numbers of people rely on med spas to look and feel more youthful, rejuvenated and healthy, self-care translates into revenue.

Research suggests that medical spa sales could surge by 40% in the coming year—an encouraging environment for med spa owners and marketers to find receptive audiences for their messages. With our ground-up guide, you can create a med spa marketing plan that shows the same care and attention to detail that makes you a good practitioner. 

The key elements of a medical spa marketing plan

An effective med spa marketing plan will be strategic and well-planned while remaining creative and versatile enough to respond to patients’ interests. If you’re new to med spa marketing, check out our comprehensive guide!

Clear, realistic marketing goals and objectives

Successful med spa practitioners are adept at guiding clients to healthy, realistic expectations for treatment. The same skills are useful when creating a marketing plan that includes clear, actionable goals relevant to business needs.

Med spa marketing plans may focus on some of the following objectives:

  1. Annual and/or quarterly goals
  2. In-house marketing goals
  3. Paid marketing goals
  4. Expectations around social media campaigns
  5. Individual product and service launches

You should also make lists of short and long-term goals for marketing. If you need some help brainstorming those goals (and a head massager isn’t around), look into S.M.A.R.T. goals. 

Well-researched target audience and patient personas

Understanding your customers should go beyond skin deep. Conducting market research into who your patients are and what they want empowers med spa owners to tailor marketing messages specifically to the people who will benefit most from their services. 

With marketing research, you can develop useful patient personas, which will include some of the following elements:

  1. Demographic data such as age, gender, and income
  2. Interests and hobbies
  3. Motivators toward seeking services
  4. Likes and dislikes
  5. Personal challenges 
  6. Pain points in reaching them 

The right marketing strategies to meet your goals

Just as every treatment isn’t right for every patient, marketing strategies for med spas aren’t one-size-fits-all. Equipped with market research and accurate customer personas, you can better determine which marketing approaches better suit your clients. 

There are multiple ways of connecting to customers with relevant messaging, including on-premises marketing that engages patients with entertaining and informative content while they’re in your waiting room.

Marketing budget that accommodates what you need

While a marketing budget should accommodate the full range of goals and strategies in your med spa marketing plan, you should be prepared to pivot and direct additional resources toward approaches that prove successful. 

Your search for cost-effective customer outreach also doesn’t have to take you further than your waiting area. With UPshow Health, you gain digital signage and an on-premises marketing solution that allows you to engage customers and promote key products and services within your business. 

Defined KPIs and a timeline to meet them

Having well-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of your marketing channels, whether it’s an increase in followers across your social media channels or a spike in revenue attributable to a particular campaign, helps you gauge the success of those channels. 

When establishing your KPIs to measure success, you should determine that they reflect goals you can achieve within a specific timeframe. 

Supplement your med spa marketing plan with these strategies

Putting your best face forward with clients is essential to med spa marketing. Using UPshow Health as an on-premise marketing solution allows you to build relationships with patients through entertaining and informative digital experiences. UPshow Health gives you the flexibility to adapt messaging toward new campaigns, services, and products while encouraging customers to feel more connected to your business. 

Improve patient experience with on-premise marketing technology

UPshow Health offers more than 500 on-screen entertainment options, in addition to educational content and customizable trivia related to health and wellness. Through integrations with Canva, you can develop your own bespoke content promoting new or popular products and services. Digital signage with UPshow Health also enables you to share customer testimonials and spotlight individual practitioners. 

Employ QR codes to distribute surveys and loyalty programs

Part of building the relationships that can turn a first-time visitor into a long-time customer—and preferably a brand ambassador who will bring friends and family through your doors—is getting customer feedback.

QR code integrations in UPshow Health make it easy to send patient experience surveys right to their mobile devices, offering convenience that makes them more likely to respond. You can also use QR capabilities to help enroll patients in loyalty programs that will get them excited about the latest updates and special promotions. 

Measure patient engagement to see what strategies work

Smart med spa practitioners know that they must stay up to date with fresh new looks and beauty trends. Med spa marketing also involves research and study—specifically, understanding which promotions and campaigns are bringing the brightest smiles to patients’ faces. Fortunately, UPshow Health takes the guesswork out of analytics.

Through robust data and analytics capabilities, UPshow Health allows you to set up end-to-end tracking that can help determine if your approach to on-premise mobile engagement is working. UPshow Health also provides clear, actionable insights into customer engagement with the content on your digital signage.  

With a data-driven understanding of customer preferences, you can quickly adjust content to reflect more compelling topics, promotions and messaging.

Increase med spa growth and profitability with UPshow Health

Patients come to med spas seeking even more than a pathway to the Fountain of Youth: they’re also looking for exciting and engaging customer experiences. You can entertain patients using digital signage from UPshow Health while reaching them with marketing content that aligns with their interests. 

UPshow Health offers powerful analytics and tracking, and easy content creation capabilities that even allow team members without formal design or marketing backgrounds to act swiftly on what customers want to see. Want to see for yourself? Get a demo of UPshow today!

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