Retail Recognizes the Benefits of Digital Signage in the Consumer Experience

October 22, 2019

he following is a summary of an article originally published in Digital Signage Today.

Most retailers know that the purchase journey is more than a simple transaction. The challenge is to create a customer experience that is unique, memorable, and relevant. Earlier this year, H&M took their customer experiences into the future with interactive digital mirrors that allow customers to take selfies superimposed on magazine covers, among other options.

“It is challenging to get customers engaged in a world with too many options and messages, we are all saturated. It's not just getting their attention, it's above all connecting with them, speaking their language…and providing them seamless experiences and solutions in order to be relevant to each of them.”

The goal of the mirrors is to elevate the brand shopping experience to something that resonates with its values of innovation and creativity. This message doesn’t end when the customer leaves the store, however — QR codes onscreen allow visitors to download their selfies to their phone, keeping the brand top of mind far after they’ve made their initial purchase.

“Once you break the technical dependencies and integration barriers the digital world opens endless possibilities…and these clearly engage with today's customers, especially when these are interactive and convenient.”

Not every store needs to implement magic mirrors to have a similar impact on their customers. Anyone can add interactivity and reduce friction for buyers with simpler tech, like digital signage software and some creativity. For example, UPshow allows partners to create and track custom QR codes directly in the platform. With a small investment, your store can increase customer engagement and drive desirable outcomes like never before.

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