Spotlight: ComedySportz

July 13, 2017

The fun is a full-on immersive experience at ComedySportz theaters around the country that display audience and performer social media content on the UPshow screens. While the theaters offer interactive comedy shows and creativity workshops, UPshow allows for all in the venue to be a part of the unique experience.

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at ComedySportz- highlighting customer posts that aren’t just pictures but invaluable promotions:  

Not so improvised promotion

How can you tell a performer not to perform, no matter the platform?! With UPshow screens in the ComedySportz venues, the improv troupe can even keep the show going off-stage with behind-the-scene posts. Performers even use the screen to promote later performances and upcoming events at the venue. Audiences are treated to posts from their favorite performers on the UPshow screen and later on their own social feed they are able to make note of when to come back to see them again.    

Click through the above images to see how the performers delighted audiences with exclusive posts to the UPshow screens.

An influencer walks into a comedy show...

It’s not only the performers on the stage that are in the spotlight. The UPshow screens give influencers a chance to post to social and reach their wide audience. The influencer themselves gets the excitement that comes with seeing their great content up on the screen while their followers are alerted to the influencer’s presence at ComedySportz. Worlds collide when the influencer also happens to be a past performer! Through an influential performer’s UPshow post, the venue is essentially receiving digital word-of-mouth promotion sent to all of the influencer’s followers.

Check out the influencers with interactive ComedySportz UPshow posts in the graphics above!

The great big comeback:

With improv, each show can bring about a different experience for the audience. To encourage customers to come back (and bring friends!), ComedySportz creates personalized promotions with UPshow’s Connected Commerce feature. The promotions are sent via a comment on the UPshow user’s post to the screen. This incentive makes the user feel special and also gives the customer a reason to come back for another show!


Between great customer-generated content, ComedySportz has created personalized Spotlights, or digital signs, to display. These Spotlights call out audience members with celebrating birthdays and large group outings.

Check out the above Spotlights that show up on the ComedySportz UPshow screens to create a personal experience for the audience members!

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