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Spotlight: Irish Oak

Longtime Chicago partner, Irish Oak, not only stands as a popular Wrigleyville bar but also as one of UPshow’s most consistent top performers.

The Big Onion Group bar and restaurant serves up classic Irish food with plentiful Guinness on draft. While customers enjoy their time,  the business has scored over 2,000 consumer-generated content social posts with over 1 million impressions since the UPshow launch.   

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Irish Oak- highlighting customer posts that are more than just pictures, they’re invaluable customer promotions:

Verified Accounts

Whether Twitter likes it or not, the symbol of verification presents an account with a certain image of high importance and credibility. The verification on Twitter, like other social media outlets, allows followers to find influential accounts that will benefit, inspire or educate them in countless fields. Because of the credibility held, when verified accounts post mentioning  your business you end up exposed to a much wider audience. The best part is that these verified accounts are influential to their followers, meaning while this top account is having fun posting to UPshow at Irish Oak,  her followers are gaining a positive opinion about Irish Oak.     

VIP Users

What’s the way to your customers’ hearts? VIP promos. Ok, and your delicious menu items, drinks, excellent customer service.

With Connected Commerce messages that offer a drink discount or special offer, guests who are boosting your social cred start to feel like true VIPs. Irish Oak’s incorporation of the TBOX Bar Crawl makes customers feel special with a unique message sent directly to them as well as ties the business with the community your customers live in and love. You know with a Connected Commerce message like that this customer and her friends are making a stop at Irish Oak during the bar crawl!

The Thrill of Seeing Yourself on the TV

We’ve all had that feeling of wanting to get on the Jumbotron during a baseball game when the camera starts panning the crowds and the music starts bumping. But your moment of fame is all dependent on the cameraperson, who most likely is going to snag that great shot of the kids doing the Macarena. At Irish Oak you can still let all your friends and the venue know that you’re having a blast watching the game by relying on our own cell phone and UPshow. The Jumbotron effect UPshow has allowed guests to feel special at your business. 

Click through the above images to see just how much people love being on TV!