Spotlight: Milkcraft Ice Cream

April 11, 2017

Meet the sweet treat that is impossible to not take a picture of- Milkcraft’s ice cream. The Milkcraft creamery serves ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen and scooped into a Hong Kong bubble cone. The treat receives so many well-deserved social mentions that the business won UPshow’s Most Engaging Quick-Serve location for the year of 2016! The added fun the UPshow screen brings in-venue to the frozen treat stop convinces customers to spend more time in venue to show off their creative goody.

Let’s take a look at the “UPshow Effect” at Milkcraft- highlighting a few posts that aren’t just customer photos, they’re customer promotions.

Professional Quality Photography:

No need to invest in expensive photo sessions to show off your product! Digital influencer @brianfv posted to the UPshow screen in Milkcraft on his own! His 28.5k followers look to him for vivid and interesting content and this shot of the ice cream is just what they like. He showcases Milkcraft like a pro, except instead of feeling commercialized, his influencer status secures the business a vote of authenticity among the his social media following.

Comments as Promotion:

This Instagram user’s UPshow snap of her Milkcraft treat was so enticing it caused a love storm in her captions! If the continuous heart-eyed emojis didn’t speak volumes to the appeal of Milkcraft, then read what the user responds to her followers. She provides the details to her followers, basically encouraging them to stop by and reaffirming to all that Milkcraft is a must-stop shop. By having the UPshow screens in Milkcraft, the business gains a customer willing to stay a little longer than usual for a quick serve location and also gains potential customers through the much-loved Instagram post.

Descriptive Brand Promos:

One thing we can all agree on is that social media is the perfect place for glamour shots of Milkcraft’s product. What makes these posts go even farther is the tone the customer brings to it. For example, this post by @ljlevy is not only aesthetically-appealing to the Milkcraft brand by showcasing the venue, it’s also providing a deliciously enticing product description. In just one simple sentence she wraps up the entire Milkcraft experience (liquid nitrogen and unique individualized toppings galore!) for her followers. For a quick serve location, all those hungry-eyed customers waiting in line can see this delightfully sweet post on the UPshow screen and can now say, “I’ll have what she’s having”.

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