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Fast-Casual + QSR Digital Signage

Captivate your customers and achieve key business objectives with compelling, branded restaurant digital signage for fast-casual and QSRs. From boosting app downloads to sharing the latest promotions, UPshow brings your screens to life.

Appeal to hungry customers with appetizing videos of high-value menu items, and use UPshow’s screen-to-mobile activation solutions and QR codes to prompt click-throughs on exclusive promotions. UPshow inspires actions that boost sales.

QSR restaurant promotion with the heading "Get a Free Beverage" along with a QR code taking customers to download the app.

You can’t meet your sales and customer satisfaction goals without full employee buy-in and support. UPshow enhances your internal communication channels, helping you ramp up productivity, retain employees, speed up training completion and more.

Back-of-house signage for a restaurant with the heading "Shift Availability" and a list of upcoming days with open shifts.

Capitalize on the untapped potential of QSR TVs. Using UPshow, capture patrons’ interest with eye-catching graphics and messages tailored for them.

QSR digital signage soliciting reviews with a female employee, QR code and the heading 'Your Opinion Matters to Us"

Effectively managing your digital signage for fast-casual and QSRs requires complete visibility into your Spotlights’ performance. In UPshow’s customer engagement platform you can attach trackable elements to on-screen promotions, resulting in analytics that inform smarter marketing decisions.

Digital signage insights in the UPshow Manager platform, including appearances, engagements and value generated.

Stronger data leads to smarter promotions. With UPshow’s in-depth insights you can take action in real time, updating your fast-casual or quick-service restaurant content to include high-performing elements that elevate your ROI.

Analytics in UPshow's platform show the engagement, appearances and other stats associated with QSR digital signage.
Masked employee serves food at a pizza-by-the-slice restaurant, with an UPshow-driven promotion and QR code on the screen.

Attract Attention with Engaging QSR Digital Signage

Fast-casual or quick-service restaurants have only a small window of time to make a big impact. By using UPshow on existing screens, you optimize that time and reach patrons while they stand in line at the cash register, wait in the drive-through lane or sit inside your restaurant. Our customer engagement platform delivers relevant marketing messages at key points in their experience.

Engage Customers

Standardization is key in the QSR industry. Our customer engagement platform allows you to create consistent restaurant digital signage across your locations without sacrificing the welcoming, familiar experiences customers expect.

Through customizable content playlists and on-premise offers, UPshow lets you engage customers with on-brand digital experiences. Through effective on-premise programming, you increase customer satisfaction and build brand credibility that inspires them to come back.

With UPshow, you avoid the unpredictability of cable TV while providing a more compelling alternative to traditional static signage. Draw customers in with fun content that makes wait times fly by — and keep them engaged with promotional videos that leave them craving a valuable menu item.

With our cloud-based, patient engagement platform, you gain full control of every screen at each of your locations. This level of control allows you to customize what customers see based on geography, time of day or even their location in your restaurant.

6 Unconventional Uses for Your On-Premise Screens

Two people at a restaurant with UPshow-driven food promotions on the screens behind the counter.

Achieve Key Outcomes With Restaurant Digital Signage

When you engage customers through compelling digital signage, you set the stage for additional business wins. UPshow provides you the tools to achieve the objectives that help your business succeed — from incremental sales to employee engagement.

Increase Sales

Fast-casual and QSR digital signage holds the power to influence customer spend on both a long-term and per-transaction basis. UPshow’s easy-to-use digital content creation platform empowers you to create custom, sleek marketing Spotlights that drive desired customer actions.

Whether you’re promoting an iced coffee special nationally or a “buy one, get one half off” offer in one specific region, with UPshow you can tailor the message to each audience — helping convince customers to add these items to their orders.

Your screens are powerful marketing tools, and UPshow ensures you don’t miss the chance to boost incremental sales or raise customers’ average order value over time.

Motivate Employees

Internal signage used for employee engagement will also impact your bottom line. UPshow SHIFT makes it easier to connect with employees and keep them in the loop. By engaging staff members and encouraging competition, you motivate employees to achieve important goals like sales of new menu items or faster service speed. Use UPshow SHIFT to drive key outcomes, including:

  • Employee communications
  • Operational excellence
  • Staff retention
  • Training completion

Managing a successful team requires showing employees they’re valued, while also motivating them to grow. Our customer and employee engagement platform provides the capability to engage, communicate with and inspire your QSR staff.

“UPshow makes our restaurants more efficient and better places to work, which will lead to higher productivity and employee retention.”

Benjamin Wasser, COO
Person on a laptop, looking at restaurant digital signage analytics within UPshow's cloud-based platform.

Create Unique Experiences Based on Custom Insights

UPshow’s in-depth analytics give you a window into what’s performing and what’s not, revealing a clear roadmap to enhancing your digital signage ROI.

Track Success

The first step to improving the outcomes of QSR and fast-casual digital signage is understanding performance. For example, Spotlights that corporate thinks are great for your location may not resonate with your regional audience. Alternatively, a specific promotion offered on your screens may result in your highest ever app download day.

With UPshow, customizable QR codes, short links and SMS codes are attached to your graphics. You evaluate performance from within our cloud-driven management platform, making real-time analytics a reality. Your content becomes instantly trackable, providing an expansive view of signage performance down to a micro, screen-specific level.

Optimize Content

Fast-casual and quick-service restaurants rely on time-tested processes that break ordering, cooking and serving down to a science. UPshow enables you to optimize in-restaurant screens and menu boards the same way, letting you adapt promotions or on-screen messaging based on customer engagement data.

Our customer engagement platform allows for real-time changes to your templates and content playlists, accommodating limited-time offers or updates to promotional graphics. With granular analytics, pre-set templates and robust scheduling capabilities all in the same cloud-driven platform, UPshow makes it easy to tailor your screens to changing business needs.

“UPshow is the primary driver behind 50+ Chick-fil-A mobile app downloads per week at my location.”

Ken Sursen, Owner/Operator

UPshow’s Fast-Casual and QSR Partners

Two women eating and smiling in a QSR restaurant.
Restaurant employee takes pizza out of the oven while restaurant digital signage prompts customers to scan a QR code.
Two men eating to-go items outside.

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