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The 3 Rs of Communicating Gym Health and Safety

Hope doesn’t save businesses. 

As we move into a new year, many fitness clubs are struggling to rebound from 2020’s hard hits. Which gyms will rebound first and be most likely to succeed? The ones that people feel comfortable returning to. 

Members’ primary concern when choosing to patronize a gym is the quality of its health and safety regulations during and following COVID. However, many gyms have not changed their messaging to address concerns about health and safety. These gyms hope people believe them when they say “we’re safe.” Their lack of results proves that that strategy doesn’t work.

Gyms must actively demonstrate how safe they are to members and prospects by regulating behavior with clear and current messaging; reinforcing safe conduct with social proof; and reassuring guests by spreading the word. Digital signage makes it simple and cost-effective to do all three.

Regulate with Clear and Current Messaging

example signage encouraging the following of health regulations and safety procedures at a gym

Gyms shoulder the burden of teaching their members the new rules that keep them safe while they exercise. Successful and thorough communications cover the full list of health recommendations reflecting the most recent research. 

Paper signage, which has a long production time and is expensive to print, limits the number of messages that can be communicated, as well as how quickly and often messaging can be updated. Alternatively, digital signage allows for virtually limitless variations and updates to this very vital messaging. 

Use digital signage on your existing screens to inform members of your health and safety procedures. Segment communications by what regulations take priority in each area of your gym. For example, emphasize sanitizing hands at the entrance, wiping down equipment in the cardio area and social distancing in group classes. As health and safety regulations evolve, update your all signage quickly and easily from one computer no matter how many locations you have.

Digital signage ensures quick and clear communication throughout your gym, giving members the information they need to stay safe.

Reinforce with Social Proof

example of social media digital signage where gym members share photos of themselves following gym safety procedures and health regulations during covid.

Masks weren’t designed for workouts. But getting members to wear them and abide by other COVID gym safety procedures can make or break your brand integrity (and keep you out of another lockdown). Want one simple strategy to increase participation? Lead by example. 

Use digital signage to transform your TVs into social media displays. Then, encourage your staff and other members to share their safety selfies on screen. When frustrated or forgetful members see everyone exercising responsibly, they will want to fit in and follow procedure. It’s harder to ignore rules when you know everyone else does their part.

As an added plus, all of the posts you receive on your screen will show up on social media, branding your gym as safe and responsible, attracting even more members who value those traits.

Reassure by Spreading the Word

example of digital signage at a gym asking members to leave a review praising their new safety procedures and health regulations during covid

You need to communicate to new and returning gym members everything your facility has done to ensure their safety. You can advertise, tweet or even shout it from the rooftops, but people are far more likely to believe their peers — those already working out safely in your gym.

Run a campaign asking in-venue guests to leave positive reviews highlighting your health and safety procedures on Google or Yelp. Incentivize these reviews with a discount or prize, then promote the campaign on your digital signage. Include a custom QR code so members can take action the second they feel motivated. All they have to do is take out their phone, scan the code and they will be directed to any review page of your choosing.

As a result, those researching your gym will find explicitly positive information about your gym’s health and safety procedures during COVID. Joining your gym becomes the clear and obvious choice.

Give your gym the best chance for success this year. Digital signage is an efficient and high-impact tool to communicate new information, reinforce health regulations and reassure prospective members of your safety.

Ready to Promote the Safety of Your Gym?