Use a Xenial POS System? Try Pairing With Digital Signage

February 28, 2022

With more than 135,000 restaurant customers, Xenial is one of the largest POS providers in the industry. But if you’re one of those customers, you may not be getting as much out of Xenial’s software as you could be.

Combining your Xenial POS system with digital signage can help you unlock the full potential of your business. We’ll tell you why that’s true and give you an overview of how to get started in the sections below.

Let’s get into it.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started

Before diving into the benefits of pairing Xenial POS with digital signage, let’s first take a look at what you’ll need to deploy this solution in your restaurant.

Here’s an overview:

  • Xenial POS software
  • Digital signage software
  • Strategically-placed screens and tablets
  • Possibly media players – but only if any of your screens can’t connect to the internet on their own

That’s really all you need. So if you already have Xenial POS software and screens throughout your restaurants, then implementing this solution could be as simple as selecting your digital signage software provider.

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Why leveraging Xenial POS and digital signage is a smart move for your business

There are a lot of ways you can make your restaurant stand out by combining digital signage software with Xenial POS specifically. Here are five of the top examples of how to do that.

Supercharge your conversational ordering

Conversational ordering is a new type of POS-based ordering that lets cashiers add items to a check in the order that a customer mentions them. This is beneficial because it reduces order-taking times by minimizing errors and allows the cashier to interact more with the customer.

Xenial POS offers conversational ordering already, but combining your system with digital signage software could help you get even more out of the feature.

While a customer is placing their order, you could leverage digital signage technology to show them targeted ads. Some of these could be for add-on items that – if selected – would increase the overall value of their order.

With conversational ordering, it’ll be simple for your cashiers to take the customer’s order and add the supplemental items to it without interrupting their flow of thought. 

Deploy mobile ads without paying for a mobile campaign

If you use Xenial POS in your restaurants, then you also have the option of deploying the company’s mobile-ordering POS system. This can be a smart move for your company, as 46% of consumers now expect a restaurant to offer this service.

What’s cool about this is that you can combine Xenial’s mobile POS with your digital signage solution. This essentially lets you show ads for your products on your consumers’ mobile devices – all without having to pay any mobile advertising fees.

This unique feature could help you connect with your customers in a new way – and that could in turn help you increase your revenue.

Power both your on-premise ads and your POS from any device

Xenial POS is a cloud-based product

This means you can manage it from essentially any device that connects to the internet, including those that use Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. This makes it possible to oversee your POS system from anywhere you have a decent internet connection.

Being able to manage your POS system on a single device from almost anywhere in the world is a powerful enough feature on its own. But what if you could also manage your on-premise ads with the same type of flexibility?

That’s exactly what’s possible when you pair Xenial POS with the right digital signage software.

This gives you a ton of flexibility and versatility with your schedule. You will be able to control two of the most important aspects of your restaurants from almost anywhere, so you won’t have to worry about spending as much time physically in each of your restaurants as you might do currently.

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Save time and money

You likely spent money on the Xenial POS to aim for a positive return on your investment through an improved customer experience and a value add for your venue. 

This positive ROI comes in the form of reducing order errors, improving order times and making it easier to oversee important restaurant processes like inventory.

However, you could be getting an even better ROI on your Xenial POS investment by combining it with digital signage.

Digital signage extends the functionality of your Xenial POS system to also include:

  • On-premise ads
  • Internal communications
  • Back-of-house management
  • A range of customizable templates

That means when you combine the two tools, you can save more money by reducing the amount of time you have to spend on various tasks throughout your restaurants.

Show targeted ads in unique, high-traffic places

It’s important to remember that the Xenial Encounter POS was specifically designed to be used in harsh, rugged environments. 

This means you can use it anywhere in your restaurant without having to worry about the system constantly crashing.

That’s a powerful feature because it allows you to deploy your POS wherever you need it in your restaurants – no matter how packed the environment is in those locations.

When you add digital signage to your Xenial POS system, you can do the same thing with your on-premise ads.

This opens up a ton of possibilities for where you’re able to show ads to your customers. With the ruggedness of Xenial Encounter, almost nowhere will be off-limits to your on-premise ad campaigns. That could help you target your customers more effectively.

Things to be mindful of

If you’re interested in combining Xenial POS with digital signage, there are a few things that could derail your results. Here’s an overview of what they are and how to avoid them.

Trying to do too much right away

Xenial POS with digital signage is a versatile and powerful technological combination. There’s so much that you can do with these two items and you may want to try all of it right away.

But that may not be the best strategy. If you spread your focus over too many of these features, then you probably won’t have the time or energy to dive into any of them.

This could limit the upside that you get from combining Xenial with digital signage. A better solution may be to focus on your highest-priority goals first, optimize the technology to achieve them and then start delving into the other possibilities.

Neglecting to track your performance

It’s also really important to track your performance when using Xenial with digital signage. Doing so is the only way to determine whether the strategies that you’re using are having their intended impact.

If you don’t track your performance and adjust your tactics, then you’re unlikely to get as much out of this technological pairing as you could be.

Digital signage software from UPshow makes this easier to do. It gives you powerful, built-in analytics features, so you can track the performance of your digital signage solution from anywhere.

Forgetting about the internal benefits of POS with digital signage

Restaurants tend to purchase POS systems because they want a better way to take customers' orders. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these systems also come equipped with plenty of internal-facing benefits. These benefits can become even more powerful when you combine your POS system with digital signage.

For example, with this pairing, you can enjoy the following internal benefits:

  • Automatically alerting team members when inventory is running low
  • Reminding your team to complete important tasks
  • Providing on-screen infographics relating to progress 
  • Displaying progress towards daily or weekly sales goals

Placing your screens in the wrong locations

Digital signage with Xenial POS is a super powerful way to advertise to your on-premise customers. But the impact of the advertisements that you display will be muted if it’s not easy for your customers to see them.

That’s why it’s important to spend time considering how you want to hang the screens in your restaurants. Ideally, a customer should be able to easily see your ads no matter where they are in your store. 

That includes hanging your televisions at angles that are natural to look at. Otherwise, people will have to crane their necks to see your displays, or not see them at all.

UPshow is the perfect digital signage software to pair with Xenial POS

Are you ready to start getting more out of your Xenial POS system? If so, digital signage software from UPshow could be just what you need.

Our digital signage software makes it super easy to create and share both customized and template-based ads with your audience. It also includes a ton of features to help you unlock more powerful on-premise advertising campaigns.

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