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What’s the Difference: UPshow vs. Atmosphere

So, you’re looking for a new marketing tool. You know (or can learn) the incredible ways cable alternatives can benefit your business. You’ve narrowed down your options, but are left wondering whether UPshow or Atmosphere will be the service that meets your needs.

I’ll make it easy for you: UPshow offers entertainment channels just like Atmosphere, but goes beyond traditional programming to take your screens from afterthought to ROI-driving marketing tools. Don’t believe me? Let’s break it down.

No Ads, Ever

An UPshow screen helps market your brand, not anyone else’s, which means our platform is 100% ad-free. You choose what you promote with dynamic digital signage, putting you in full control of how and when you use your screen. Never worry again about what companies are reaching your customers while they’re visiting your business (for example, your competition. Yikes!)

Customizability Comes Standard

We believe your screens should always look and feel like they belong to your brand, which is why we don’t upcharge you to create a fully custom experience that your guests will recognize. Choose the colors and programming that fit your business, or even add your logo.

More than TV

Remember: the whole reason you’re looking for a cable alternative is because “just TV” isn’t engaging or relevant to customers anymore. Why pay for something that gets ignored?

UPshow is more than just TV feeds: with interactive, hyper-targeted features like social media displays, games & trivia, and more, it’s an all-in-one engagement platform crafted with the goal of tuning your guests into the screen and driving the valuable results you care about.