What’s the Difference: UPshow vs. Raydiant

January 21, 2020

So you’re looking for a digital signage solution to put on the TVs in your business. You know the value engaging your customers can have on your business, and are trying to decide between Raydiant (formerly Mira) and other options, like UPshow. 

While both UPshow and Raydiant have digital signage, design templates, and cloud-based management, UPshow has all that Raydiant offers and more. You’d be surprised what a difference the “more” can make when it comes to driving outcomes for your business.

Put simply: Putting digital signage on your screen is a start, but in order to get customers’ eyes on the screen, you have to engage them first. That’s where UPshow is different. 

Entertainment Gets Eyes on the Screen

The #1 problem with traditional digital signage is that no matter how good it is, most customers aren’t looking at it. Modern consumers are marketed and advertised to all day, every day, and have learned to instantly tune out any display that falls into that category.

UPshow knows that you need to engage your guests first. That’s why we offer an expansive library of entertainment options. Make customers laugh with the Fail Army, Pet Collective, or Sketch Comedy channels. Inspire them with People Are Awesome and Nature TV, or keep them informed with news from Bloomberg TV. 

No two businesses serve the same demographic, or region. UPshow’s entertainment channels extend to hyperlocal options and cater to niche interests -- from local sports to seasonal events. The corner bar can play highlights from the home team’s latest game, while a nail salon can play show highlights from last night’s episode of The Bachelor, and everything in between. 

Interactivity Drive Outcomes

With most signage, customers see your marketing on the screen and then are expected to go somewhere or navigate to something else in order to act on the promotion. This barrier-to-entry causes your business to lose converted customers along the way.

UPshow eliminates this barrier with interactive screens. Whether it be with scannable signage or our word-of-mouth boosting social media screens, UPshow makes it easy for guests to take action directly from their phones.

By making it intuitive and convenient for guests to perform desired behaviors, they are more likely do so during their visit, instead of waiting until they are on their way out, when they will most likely forget.

Data and Analytics Help You See the ROI

Perhaps the most crucial feature that many traditional signage companies lack is the ability to track the success of individual promotions in a quantitative way. UPshow connects your in-venue screens to customer’s phones, and this communication allows you to see how your marketing efforts are paying off.

Our easy-to-understand analytics show the impact and dollar value of everything displayed on your TV, so you can optimize your content and measure the direct impact it has on your business’s success.

Want even more? You’ve only grazed the surface of what UPshow can do. Our platform is designed to drive the outcomes that matter most to your business, with customizable features that tailor to your goals.

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