Why Back of House Software Matters: Employee Productivity

August 18, 2020

“Engaged employees have 65% less turnover and are 22% more productive.”  - Harvard Business Review

In the restaurant industry, your ability to implement highly visible leaderboards on in-venue TVs provides real-time sales performance data. This information directly results in optimal employee productivity and increased sales in your venue.

So, what do you do if you don’t have this capability? Or your current capability is sub-par? UPshow’s Back of House software combines information + gamification + repetition to maximize individual and team performance and drive revenue. Learn more below:

Boost Individual Sales Performance with Information

Individual performance is driven by data and the ability to react appropriately. In most restaurants the problem is NOT the lack of information, but the ability to surface it correctly. Between POS systems, corporate data and manager feedback, there is a wealth of content living  just outside the reach of employees who could use this data to support their sales efforts.

UPshow’s Back of House software displays real-time data updates for sales and item availability.

Having accessible sales data as it happens, rather than hours or days later, supports servers and cashiers in optimizing their productivity and selling more. By displaying information like the number of specials sold, or the success of high-margin items, your employees are more informed and more likely to hit or exceed the goals you set. Learn More

Improved Team Performance Through Gamification

Gamification is an incredibly powerful tool to improve restaurant employee engagement. A study from Deloitte (2017), The power of employee engagement: redefining the restaurant experience shows that fostering a fun, positive work environment is key to reducing average restaurant employee turnover.

UPshow’s Back of House leaderboards securely integrate with your point-of-sale system to display real-time staff and team sales performance with frequent updates. These updates generate an environment of gamification that improves employee engagement by creating friendly competition. UPshow’s Back of House software drives employees to maximize individual performance, subsequently unifying and motivating the entire team to surpass sales targets. Learn More

Faster Employee Training with Repetition

Training employees quickly and consistently is challenging, especially as a business scales to multiple locations and franchises.In the recent Zenput/Technomic 2020 Restaurant Ops Report, 39% of businesses claimed that poor training is their biggest barrier to success. 

Proper training is only as good as your ability to disseminate and reinforce information. Studies show that you must communicate a message seven separate times in order for it to stick. UPshow’s Back of House software allows companies to do this on an enterprise level by pushing training information to in-venue TVs in seconds, even allowing segmentation by location as necessary.

As messaging appears, interactive codes give restaurant employees the option to ask questions or engage further with a quick scan from their smartphone.

See how UPshow’s Back of House software can optimize employee productivity and increase sales.

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