Why Back of House Software Matters: Employee Retention

September 2, 2020

In the recent Zenput/Technomic 2020 Restaurant Ops Report, 44% of those surveyed reported employee turnover in their restaurants as one of their main barriers to high performance and customer satisfaction. Employee turnover impacts the restaurant industry even more critically, as restaurants are notorious for operating on razor thin margins. Employee turnover doesn’t only affect the bottom line but also the quality of your entire operation. 

To engage your employees and retain your workforce, you need to deliver top-notch internal communications, provide regular recognition of talented employees, and demonstrate an investment in the wellbeing of the greater community. With UPshow’s Back of House software, in conjunction with employees’ mobile devices, you materially reduce restaurant employee turnover.

Deliver Top-Notch Internal Communications

Communication is key to restaurant employee engagement and preventing employee turnover. Among shift workers, the ability to trade and pick up shifts is key in their autonomy and satisfaction at work. Conversely, difficulty in managing their schedule can lead to dissatisfaction and increased employee turnover in the restaurant industry.For example, the Society for Human Resource Management reports that 83% of hourly workers would stay in their job if they had more transparency around and control over their schedule, emphasizing shift predictability and flexibility.

UPshow’s Back of House software provides clear and regular updates regarding expectations, opportunities and benefits. Restaurants that display shift availability as well as culture/benefits updates create a better employee experience. Further, through QR codes and the subsequent additional connections with employee’s mobile devices, you give employees even more of the control they seek.

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Provide Regular Recognition of Talented Employees

Employees stay where their efforts are appreciated and rewarded. In fact, HR Technologist reports that 69% of employees would consider staying at a company that improved its recognition and rewards programs. Whether it is highlighting an employee of the month, or celebrating those who clock-in consistently on time, recognition becomes a driver of restaurant employee engagement and lower employee turnover.


UPshow’s Back of House software visibly celebrates employee achievements and milestones in a way that improves restaurant employee engagement, morale and team spirit. With integration into your time and attendance systems, information can be displayed on screen the moment it’s earned. Those who have clocked-in to work on time for five days in a row are called out on screen the minute it happens, when a super-star earns “Employee of the Month” that message can rotate on the screens every 10 minutes, and birthdays are always displayed without any need for managers to input additional information.

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Demonstrate Investment in the Greater Community

One of the top factors in restaurant employee engagement is fostering a sense of pride in being an employee at your restaurant. As members of the larger community, employees appreciate aligning the company’s social outreach initiatives with projects and organizations that improve their local community.


UPshow’s Back of House software highlights philanthropic and community efforts to bolster staff pride in your restaurant, while additionally empowering employees to engage and provide their own input on social responsibility initiatives.

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