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Powerful Customer Engagement and Digital Solutions for the Automotive Industry

UPshow’s versatile digital displays adapt to meet your priorities. Our wide array of engagement and promotional tools drive the outcomes that matter most: sales growth, increased loyalty and new customer referrals.

Increase upsell opportunities in dealerships and attract new customers via word-of-mouth advertising.

Boost spending on revenue drivers like oil changes and new tires while enhancing attendee experience.

No signage should be a one-way communication tool. Our platform lets you solicit feedback, lead customers to the right online review sites and drive word-of-mouth marketing success.

Keep customers entertained while they wait for their services to be completed with more than 500 entertainment channels, trivia games and more.

Close up of a mobile phone at a car dealership, with a review page on the screen that says "Your Opinion Matters"


Drive sales and increase loyalty with a strategic mix of in-store digital signage and entertainment at a wide variety of automotive outlets and dealerships. Create dazzling digital displays that inform customers of inventory, services, and upgrades and make it easy for them to take action. Everything you need to build and sell to a devoted customer base comes together on your existing screens.

Promote services and special offers with beautiful, easy-to-use digital signage. Mobile interactive technology makes it easy for guests to take action the second they are motivated—they simply open their phone camera and scan a custom QR code. Schedule content for one or multiple dealership locations with ease, and set promotions live at any time, from any place. Use your screens to promote important customer actions and service offerings, including:

  • App Downloads: Increase download of loyalty apps to promote services like oil changes, tune-ups and other scheduled maintenance. Custom QR codes make it easy for customers to download the app right away by scanning your signage with their phone camera. In seconds, they are directed to the app store and prompted to download your app.
  • Additional Services: Lessen confusion and foster trust when upselling special items and services that will improve a customer vehicle. Explain common procedures with visuals and leverage testimonials for social proof.
  • Vehicle Sales and Leasing: Create video walls at your dealership with social media and high-octane videos of your latest models to intrigue customers while they wait to be helped. Intersperse this footage with information about buying and leasing terms for these vehicles, as well as material about how customers can trade in or sell their previous vehicle.

Draw customers’ attention to the screen with hyper-relevant content and entertainment. Educate and inspire with on-screen content that stays with customers even after their visit. Unlike cable, you have total control of your screens with UPshow. Decide what to show and when to show it without risking inappropriate content or competitor advertising. 

Increase loyalty with shared reviews and testimonials on your in-store digital signage. Create a positive feedback loop: display social posts, photos and online comments to attract and sell more customers. Make referrals easy with custom QR codes that direct users to the appropriate page.

UPshow’s digital signage players save you money and improve margins by eliminating expensive paper signage and point-of-sale materials. Update communication quickly and efficiently without a trip to the printer.

UPshow’s user-friendly platform is easy to use. The Canva integration makes designing engaging Spotlights simple.

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