Buffalo Wild Wings, Little Caesars, Burger King and Dave & Busters Franchisees Choose UPshow SHIFT for Back-of-House Employee Engagement

August 3, 2023

CHICAGO, April 12, 2022


UPshow, the leading on-premise performance marketing cloud powering over 30,000 screens, today introduced UPshow SHIFT. UPshow SHIFT is a first-of-its-kind employee engagement platform that helps businesses strengthen financial performance by improving employee engagement, retention, training results and operational excellence.

UPshow SHIFT seamlessly collects data from restaurant Point of Sales platforms (POS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), customer loyalty programs and other software, and allows users to create custom data-driven displays of real-time customer metrics and team KPIs on back-of-house screens.

Many of the most prominent restaurants in America already leverage UPshow SHIFT, with top franchisees for Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Busters and Little Caesars among the first customers.

These restaurants recognize the gap in communication that exists between management and the deskless employees that drive restaurant performance. In fact, restaurant workers make up a large portion of the global, deskless workforce — which on its own amounts to 80 percent of the world’s workers. These workers crave more frequent and improved communication between themselves and their employers, and 70 percent of deskless workers believe technology would improve their ability to do their job.

“As an industry leader in on-premise customer engagement and experience, we are ideally suited to bring that same attention to deskless employees,” said UPshow CEO Adam Hirsen. “UPshow SHIFT lets restaurants present timely, store-specific data and content that encourages top performers, improving the employee experience and retention, speeding up training, and boosting individual and team performance, with the end result being increased revenue, operational excellence and productivity.”

Employers with a large, distributed deskless workforce — like Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Busters and Little Caesars — find UPshow SHIFT an easy-to-use online platform enabling better communication with their employees. UPshow SHIFT enables these restaurants to create and share content to train, inform, and incentivize these workers via television screens in their back-of-house.

"Integrating our POS system with UPshow SHIFT has been a game-changer for us. Now, we can foster a friendly, competitive environment that has increased sales and created a stronger, more motivated team,” said Jenny Beaudoin, Franchisee, Buffalo Wild Wings. “We can easily celebrate team members' birthdays and anniversaries as well as use our screens to make new team member bios to introduce them to everyone. Our team member communication has never been better!"

UPshow SHIFT provides everything companies need to improve the employee experience and meet their business goals by prioritizing:

  • Employee Communication: Drive higher employee engagement and reduce turnover by better recognizing team members, establishing internal communications and gaining valuable feedback through surveys.
  • Employee Productivity: Drive revenue growth by boosting individual and team performance with sales driven leaderboards featuring real-time data.
  • Operational Excellence: Display important key performance indicators, and motivate employees with videos or customer feedback.
  • Employee Training: Notify staff of mandatory trainings, highlight employee training status and boost overall employee development

“UPshow SHIFT is transforming how we engage employees, modify behaviors, and drive higher sales across all of our locations,” said Russ Lo Bello, Burger King Franchisee, Chief Operating Officer Phoenix Organization, one of the nation’s leading Burger King franchisees. “We leverage UPshow SHIFT to better engage and recognize our employees by celebrating employment rewards and milestones, introducing new hires, and acknowledging birthdays. This improved employee engagement enables us to achieve greater loyalty and retention and adhere to our company culture.”

With the launch of UPshow SHIFT and its existing front-of-house software, UPshow is the first and only company offering communication and engagement tools for both employees and consumers.

To learn more about UPshow SHIFT, visit UPshow’s website and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About UPshow

UPshow is the leading on-premise performance marketing cloud powering digital screens for brick and mortar businesses. Its back-of-house and front-of-house platform provide interactive digital marketing, entertainment and communications to drive measurable outcomes. UPshow transforms your business’s TV screens into powerful and engaging digital experiences and creates a revolutionary on-premise network that drives customer, patient and employee behaviors directly from their mobile devices.

Founded in 2015, UPshow now reaches audiences through more than 30,000 screens in businesses worldwide. Businesses in hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, automotive, fitness, and more rely on UPshow’s plug-and-play technology to create deeper brand and employee engagement and maximize profitability and efficiency.

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