An Employee Engagement System to Boost your Business

UPshow SHIFT is the only employee engagement platform that integrates with POS, LMS and other third party systems to measurably improve employee communication, training completion and operational excellence while lowering turnover and driving revenue for your business.


“UPshow enables our cashiers to be more effective ‘suggestive sellers,’ with sales leaderboards on our back-of-house TVs. Our cashiers naturally want to be at the top of the leaderboard to be recognized and rewarded, which results in them selling more than they typically would.”

Russ Lo Bello, Burger King Franchisee, Chief Operating Officer Phoenix Organization

An Employee Platform Tailored to Improve Internal Communications and Reduce Turnover

Increase employee engagement and increase retention by celebrating your deskless workers and streamlining communications with your back of house private TV network.

Communicate HR announcements to your deskless workforce

Ensure consistent messaging across all shifts and locations

Welcome new employees and celebrate milestones to boost morale

Gain valuable feedback with employee surveys


Employee Engagement Boosts Employee Productivity

Improve individual and team performance with  tools for employee engagement such as sales leaderboards.

Motivate servers and cashiers with friendly competition and incentives

Increase sales by encouraging suggestive selling

Unify teams around company-wide goals


Increase Operational Task Completion with our Employee Engagement Software

Our software for employee engagement will allow you to display important key performance indicators, streamline processes and motivate employees to reduce operational risk

See task completion status at a glance

Address operational concerns before they arise

Empower teams to drive performanceIncrease transparency by sharing customer feedback


Train Staff Faster with our Employee Engagement Tools

Ensure your staff complete training requirements quickly and improve employee development

Notify staff of mandatory trainings and display training status

Provide easy access to training programs via QR codes

Decrease completion time by up to 30%


“Integrating our POS system with UPshow SHIFT has been a game-changer. Now, we can foster a friendly, competitive environment that has increased sales and created a stronger, more motivated team. We celebrate team members’ birthdays and anniversaries and use our screens to make new team member bios to introduce them to everyone. Our internal communication has never been better!”

Brian Carmody, President of Patton Wings, Inc

Meaningful Data on Every Screen with Powerful Integrations

Connect critical data points directly into employee-facing displays with fully customized integrations of our employee engagement tool. SHIFT is compatible with top POS, LDS and other third-party systems. Custom integrations available.

Get in Touch With UPshow

Reach out to learn how you can drive more customer engagement with our customer engagement platform.

FAQ Employee Engagement Platform

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How does better employee engagement improve productivity?
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