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Delivering the Best On-Premise Customer Engagement

UPshow is the only on-premise marketing platform that allows your company to drive more revenue, increase customer spend, retain more customers and see more repeat customer visits.

“From the channels in our bar and sports watching zones to the channels in our midway, entryway and beyond, UPshow has provided Dave & Buster’s the ability to manage all of the unique areas inside of our venues with ease. Their centralized platform allows us to schedule complex, separate content strategies where we need it so we always know our customers are engaged. It’s been fun watching our new brand creative and Ding! Ding! Ding! campaign come to life across the UPshow screens. Now that’s a WIN!”

Gretchen Seller, National Brand Marketing Manager, Dave & Buster’s


Encourage Revenue-Driving Behaviors

UPshow allows your business to improve on-premise marketing efforts with tested and proven revenue-driving tactics.

  • Create more purchase opportunities with increased app downloads, and maintain a connection point with customers beyond the four walls of your business
  • Keep customers on-premise longer with the aim of increasing average customer spend


Encourage Valuable Customer Interactions

Capture customer attention with impactful messaging at the highest points of intent throughout your venue. 

  • Generate more positive online reviews across the sites that matter most to your business, like Google and Yelp
  • Share informative displays about your business and your staff that can help build connections and grow loyalty over time
  • Leverage social media to help build a sense of community among customers by encouraging them to share their photos and videos for all to see across your on-premise displays

See our customer experience platform in action


Remove the “Hard” from “Hard Sell”

Where aggressive sales tactics can alienate customers, UPshow provides a softer sell. Customers see your offers on-screen, often mixed in among entertainment, and can initiate conversations with your team when they’re ready to make a purchase.

  • Highlight new product or service offerings
  • Showcase daily, weekly or monthly specials — or limited time offers
  • Drive sales organically by informing customers naturally and empowering them to raise conversations


Bring Customers Back for More

Make retention more manageable with UPshow. Use your on-premise screens to highlight special offers that can only be redeemed at a future visit and watch your customer retention skyrocket. 

  • Provide limited time offers via push notifications from your app
  • Display schedules for upcoming sports event streams and advertise game-day specials so that customers are encouraged to come back for big games
  • Promote on-premise events and incentivize customers who attend with gift cards or vouchers for new services

Multi-Industry Signage Solutions

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Understanding Customer Experience

The balance of power has shifted.

In our modern world, customers hold much more power than businesses do. With a single tweet, a customer can cause a PR nightmare for a business. A group of unhappy customers can review-bomb another business. At the same time, happy customers leaving many, positive reviews can do wonders. A viral video about a great experience at your business could bring in hundreds of new customers.

No matter how you look at it, customers and the experiences they have on-premise matter. It is incumbent upon businesses to deliver exceptional on-premise experiences.

But how do you do that? 

Providing exceptional service is one way to create a great customer experience. 

If you run a sports bar, you should aim to provide the best food and drink you can alongside airing sporting events that matter to your local population.

Likewise, a hair salon can provide the best customer experience by delivering the best hair cuts. A gym or fitness center can do the same by ensuring they hire excellent trainers and provide the best equipment.

Unfortunately, customers want more than that. So how can businesses provide excellent customer experiences in an increasingly digital world? 

Corporate digital signage integrated with a customer experience platform like UPshow.

“We have had multiple members approach us in the club and specifically mention the spotlights highlighting our Crunch Membership Perks saying, ‘That’s really cool, I had no idea!’. The #CrunchTV screens have definitely added a lot of value to the gym.”

Sarah Zuniga, Membership Care Coordinator, Crunch Fitness

The Best 4 On-Screen Designs Driving Engagement, Revenue and Retention

Customer Experience Drives Retention + Revenue

Positive customer experiences can do wonders for your business. We mentioned two positive outcomes above: good reviews and viral videos bringing in more new customers.

Sometimes new isn’t always better. Of course, every business wants to grow and acquire new customers. A positive customer experience helps businesses grow faster. 

It also helps businesses retain more customers. 

Imagine you’re at a sports bar. Maybe the wings remind you of going to college football games. Maybe the wing sauce tastes almost exactly like how your grandma used to make wings. Regardless of why you like the wings, you know you want more of them. But in a post-COVID world, you know you’ll never find the menu in the messy downloads folder on your phone.

What you need is access to the bar’s app, which has their full food and drink menus. But you don’t know an app exists because it’s not advertised anywhere. The next time you want wings, maybe you’ll remember that sports bar, maybe you won’t.

That sports bar likely lost a repeat customer. But they didn’t have to.

If that sports bar combined corporate digital signage with a customer experience platform like UPshow, they could have advertised their app on their on-premise screens. More than that: they could have advertised their app alongside a special offer (10% off your first mobile app order!) to incentivize app downloads. 

Other businesses using corporate digital signage alongside a customer experience platform might run special offers such that they can only be redeemed on the next visit. That’s brilliant! Not only are those businesses retaining more customers, but they’re driving additional revenue they otherwise would not have made.

If you think a corporate digital signage and a customer engagement platform is right for you (and we can promise you that it is), talk to us today.

“We’ve already seen immediate ROI with a huge increase in sales of our Mexican corn after the sizzle reel video of our chef at work was added as a spotlight! It’s perfect for customers who are waiting in line and undecided about what they want to order.”

Niloy, Owner, Huahua’s Taqueria Miami Beach

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