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Improving Employee Engagement

UPshow Health is the only employee engagement platform for healthcare providers that reaches all your employees, from doctors to desk staff, and measurably improves employee communication, training completion speed and operational excellence while driving revenue for your business. 

“We recently started using UPshow to connect what’s happening across all of our clinics. It’s been great to see our teams across the valley, and also use the spotlight content to celebrate and inform everyone in our company of staff celebrations!”

Kristi Blankenship, OSR Physical Therapy


Create Efficient Internal Communications

Ideal for team huddles as well as messaging throughout ,multi-location clinics or hospital systems, UPshow Health makes it easy to reach your deskless employees.

  • Communicate important HR announcements on your private and secure TV network
  • Ensure rapid employee consumption of time-sensitive information
  • Maintain consistent messaging across all shifts and locations


Faster Employee Training

Ensure all your staff complete their training requirements quickly and efficiently with UPshow Health.

  • Notify staff of mandatory trainings
  • Highlight employees who have not completed training
  • Ensure staff can access training programs immediately by scanning QR codes via their phones
  • Decrease time to completion by up to 30%

See our employee engagement platform in action


Increase Operational Task Completion

  • See incomplete and complete tasks at a glance
  • Address operational concerns before they arise
  • Encourage teams to drive performance
  • Increase transparency by connecting your employees to customer feedback


Reduce Employee Turnover with Recognition

Celebrate employee accomplishments with your on-premise screens and create a sense of camaraderie among your employees that lowers turnover.

  • Welcome new employees
  • Display new hire profiles
  • Celebrate employee milestones to boost morale
  • Acknowledge employees’ birthdays
  • Congratulate associates or providers for reaching certain goals

“My patients are distracted by the TV in a good way. Before UPshow, I always had patients come up to me (after waiting a long time) and ask me when they were going to see the doctor. Ever since we set up the TV, I haven’t had any patients ask me questions and I am able to get more work done.”

Karina Hernandez, Pacific Internal Medical Associates (PIMA)

Multi-Industry Signage Solutions

By Industry

Who are Deskless Employees?

Deskless employees comprise over 80% of the global workforce. They are everyone from doctors to dentists to nurses staff.

Some care providers rarely sit down in front of a computer all day long, as they are busy with their patients, rendering traditional methods of communication obsolete. Surgeons, for example, may be operating on a patient for extended periods of time and inaccessible doing consults at other times.

Other deskless workers perform their jobs inside of a venue or clinic. Doctors, restaurant employees, auto repair workers and many other types of employees work within a larger corporate organization but lack access to communication tools such as email.

Did you know: 

  • 84% of deskless workers don’t receive enough direct communication from supervisors
  • 90% don’t feel connected to their organizations

So how can healthcare clinics and hospital systems effectively communicate with their deskless employees? For many, the right solution is a combination of corporate digital signage and an employee engagement platform built to facilitate communication.

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Engagement

Engaging Deskless Workers with Corporate Digital Signage

The best way to engage deskless workers is to implement an employee engagement platform powered by digital signage.

By leveraging corporate digital signage for an employee engagement platform, your business will be able to:

  • Fully automate creative signage displays
  • Show real-time KPIs, sales goals, shift information and more
  • Observe higher training completion rates
  • Communicate clearly and easily to deskless workers
  • Create engaging content that engages workers and reduces turnover
  • Highlights employee milestones and achievements

UPshow Health makes it easy for care providers to align their patient care signage with employee engagement by being an all-in-one marketing platform.

With UPshow Health, patient care signage and employee signage are easy to maintain. Plugging into your clinic’s POS system of choice instantly transforms healthcare digital signage into an employee engagement platform.

Clients using UPshow Health to engage their deskless workers see training completed 30% faster, increased productivity, improved employee engagement, lower turnover and increased revenue.

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