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Get Better Results from Your On-Premise Marketing Campaigns

UPshow transforms your screens into revenue-generating tools that grab customer attention, drive action and provide measurable results.

We now control all the marketing content on our screens, allowing us to promote our treatment options, introduce our amazing orthodontists, create patient spotlights, highlight community partnerships and more. All these features have helped us improve the overall patient experience.

Jenn McClain-De Jong, CMO

Drive Business Objectives with QR Code Technology

There’s no better time to ask a customer to take an action than the moment their buying intent is highest. So position your marketing and advertising messaging to have the greatest success with QR codes. Trackable and easy to use for both customers and employees, QR code technology enables you to connect with all your audiences and drive them toward actions that support your business goals.

Encourage Actions that Matter with QR Code Promotions

QR codes make it easy to communicate and connect all your audiences to the information they need, from employee training to app downloads for customers. 

  • Increase app downloads to engage customers out of your venue
  • Deliver critical information, such as new patient forms or dining menus
  • Perfect to drive on-premise engagement with promotional offers
  • Streamline sign ups for unique offerings, from classes for customers to private events and even employee training

Modify On-Premise Behaviors

Fully digital engagement platforms give your customers the interactive experiences they crave, directly on their own device. 

  • Drive merchandise sales from your venue’s e-commerce platform
  • Simplify sign ups for classes, private events and more
  • Offer digital menus, easily accessible to customers no matter where they are in venue
  • Increase access to patient forms and other important information
  • Engage customers and patients over longer periods of time with trivia

Analyze and Optimize Campaigns

Understanding engagement is the key to promoting desirable actions among employees and customers. Every QR code you create in our platform is trackable, so you always know what’s working — and what isn’t.

Ready to Start Your First Digital Signage Campaign?

Promote Key Marketing Initiatives

Ensure your most important messages are always visible with UPshow’s Fixed Panel. Keep key campaigns on-screen alongside secondary marketing messages.

  • Keep revenue-generating messages on-screen alongside secondary messages and build connections with customers through engaging, on-screen content while driving revenue
  • Promote special offers redeemable on a future visit alongside hyperlocal, hyper-relevant content
  • Continuously capture more, positive reviews from your current customers or patients so that you have a better chance of attracting new patrons to your premises in the future

Broaden Campaign Reach

Curate your most important campaigns on a mobile-friendly landing page so that customers can access them all from one location. This optimized, post-scan experience maximizes campaign awareness and revenue-generating opportunities.

  • Maximize awareness of promotions, products and services
  • Increase revenue-generating opportunities by driving additional sales of related products and ancillary services
  • Create additional outlets to provide value, such as patient in-take forms or future specials

Improve Your Strategy with Cross-Channel Functionality

Track campaigns through digital and traditional channels with Smart Paper, perfect for high-visibility locations in venue that don’t accommodate screens. Use Smart Paper to reinforce campaign messaging on table tents, posters, brochures or flyers.

  • Clearly and easily understand which paper advertisements are successful and which aren’t
  • Invite customers to return for a special event, such as trivia nights or big sporting events
  • Lets patients sign up for an in-clinic event where they can learn more about products your clinic sells, such as Invisalign or skincare lines
  • Use Smart Paper to prompt customers to download your app, redeem a special offer, sign up for a class and so much more

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