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Get Better Results from Your On-Premise Marketing Campaigns

UPshow transforms your screens into revenue-generating tools that grab customer attention, drive action and provide measurable results.

“UPshow has really given us a new marketing channel that we’re able to promote on. We have millions of customers that come through our doors and the technology has allowed us to create promotions, better engage with our guests and enhance the overall in-store experience.”

Gretchen Seller, National Brand Marketing Senior Manager

Drive Business Objectives With QR Code Campaigns

Trackable and easy to use for both customers and employees, QR code technology enables you to connect with viewers and drive them toward actions that help you reach your business goals.

  • Grow sales
  • Increase app downloads
  • Provide access to critical information
  • Entice with promotional offers
  • Capture valuable feedback
  • Engage customers for longer periods of time

Promote Key Marketing Initiatives

  • Revenue-generating messages remain on-screen alongside secondary messages and entertainment
  • Promote special offers alongside hyperlocal, hyper-relevant content
  • Capture more positive reviews

Broaden Campaign Reach

  • Customizable mobile landing page experience
  • Maximize awareness of promotions, products and services
  • Increase revenue-generating opportunities
  • Create additional outlets to provide value

Holistic Online and Offline Tracking

  • Campaign tracking across digital and traditional channels
  • Multimedia on-premise messaging
  • Increase customer and employee action through messaging reinforcement

Advanced Analytics

  • Understand customer and employee engagement behaviors that drive business outcomes
  • Attribute screen-to-mobile conversion with end-to-end tracking
  • Visualize your data to understand where and when viewers take action
  • Optimize your strategy to ensure your marketing dollars help grow your revenue

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