3 Key Personal Training Marketing Strategies for Your Gym

December 21, 2020

If tomorrow you woke up and your gym had eliminated its personal training program, what would you do? If you thought “panic,” you wouldn’t be alone. Personal training brings in a significant portion of revenue for gyms and fitness clubs. Additionally, committing members to PT programs becomes the most impactful upsell you can offer when those programs renew session-over-session. 

So, which personal training marketing strategies can you use to maximize such a clear opportunity to increase gym revenue? In short: get resourceful with your PT marketing strategies. Digital signage uses the in-club TVs you already have to increase personal training revenue by driving awareness, creating habits and gamifying training.

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Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies Should Drive Awareness On TVs

example of a trainer bio that can be displayed on digital signage to increase personal training revenue.

Gyms constantly experience fluctuations in member attendance. As a result, new members or members who visit infrequently don’t always know about offerings like personal training. Those who do know likely don’t have all the information they need to convert. 

Don’t waste money on expensive paper signage or spend time laboring over promotional emails, both of which often go unnoticed. Instead, market personal training services where members already spend time looking: on your TVs. Use your screens to advertise personal training specials and offer free consults, as well as to introduce trainers. Focusing your marketing on personal trainers themselves proves especially impactful — well-branded trainers often attain influencer status, and have a powerful draw over fitness consumers. Not only will members want to work with them, but you may also attract new members who wish to do the same.

Leveraging screens effectively lowers communication costs while increasing engagement with your messaging, maximizing your marketing efforts and boosting ROI.

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Use Interactive Promotions as a Part of your Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies to Create Habits

example signage showing a discount for future personal training to encourage gym member habits

Driving revenue with marketing for personal training becomes most effective when members begin thinking about it as a long-term habit. However, Harris Interactive found 73% of people abandon their fitness goals before achieving them. Digital signage helps members stick with their personal training goals long term by reminding them to book the next session and making it as easy as possible to attend sessions.

Use custom QR codes on your digital signage to make promotions interactive and easily accessible on mobile devices. Leverage this technology when displaying reminders to book another session. Members can immediately scan the QR code with their phone and sign up in the moment. This eliminates the chances of them forgetting and maintains their motivation. Soon, personal training sessions will become part of a member’s weekly fitness routine. 

Members who incorporate personal training into their routine see improvement faster than they would without the extra work. Seeing this improvement affirms their habits, increases happiness with your services and drives member loyalty, and loyal members equal a reliable revenue stream.

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Gamification based Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers are Very Successful

example of a competitive training leaderboard

Competition is an effective motivator for many people, especially those who enjoy working out. Using gamification for fitness trainer marketing taps into this motivator and can drive increased interest and more frequent sessions. How do you gamify personal training?

Use digital signage to display member leaderboards in training areas. Show rankings for who has trained the most in a month or who is closest to reaching their fitness goal. Your competition-loving members will be inspired to take action and climb their way to the top of the leaderboard each month, resulting in higher demand for personal training. Members can also use this information to encourage one another to persist in their goals. For even more motivation, you can even offer a prize or discount to the top spot each month.

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Marketing personal training programs has a direct effect on increasing gym revenue. Digital signage easily integrates into your existing personal trainer marketing plan and venue hardware, giving you the ability to promote PT in new and impactful ways. Want to see for yourself? Ask us for your custom demo today.

Ready to Try These Personal Training Marketing Strategies at Your Gym?

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