4 Employee Retention Incentives To Keep Your BOH Workers Happy

February 6, 2023

Successful businesses often run smoothly because of the support that back-of-house (BOH) employees offer. Though often in the background, BOH staff plays an important role in your success, and if your BOH turnover rates are high, it can be hard to achieve your business goals. 

Keeping every BOH worker engaged and motivated is a crucial part of strengthening your retention rates and reducing turnover. Here is a mix of incentives for employee retention to keep your BOH workers happy. 

Non-monetary retention strategies to keep your BOH employees motivated

Developing a range of retention strategies is important for maintaining employee engagement levels even when monetary incentives are not possible. Non-monetary incentives for BOH employees can be equally as rewarding and can create opportunities in ways that monetary incentives cannot. 

Efforts to create a healthy workplace culture, support employees and recognize hard work can go a long way in creating lasting relationships with your employees. For many, these workplace qualities are reason enough to stick around. For some, the added benefits of performance bonuses and raises are more important. 

In all likelihood, motivating and engaging your BOH employees will be best achieved by a combination of monetary and non-monetary incentives. 

On-the-job training incentives for employees

One of the simplest ways to increase engagement and motivation in your BOH employees is to offer opportunities to add new skills and experiences to their repertoire. In most cases, this comes in the form of on-the-job training programs.

On-the-job training programs, as the name suggests, are programs designed to either train employees in new skills or add to existing skill sets.  This can come in the form of job shadowing, mentorship and other formal training strategies. 

Opportunities for growth or shadowing show the possibility of advancement opportunities, which can prevent feelings of stagnation. These opportunities show that management has faith in the performance of their employees and that they are invested in the continued development of staff.   

An efficient way to provide or enhance on-the-job training is through the use of digital signage and back-of-house TVs. With UPshow, you can display training information including videos and graphics on the existing screens, allowing your employees to easily access information without needing to step away from their day-to-day work. 

Feedback and communication based employee incentives

Showing your staff that you care about their needs is an important part of making them feel like an important part of your team. 

Creating employee surveys that gather feedback about pain points or procedural questions bridges gaps between employees and management. This affirms an environment of support and encourages two-way communication. 

It’s important that these opportunities exist consistently and are easily accessible. One of the easiest ways to do this is with online surveys that BOH staff can access any time. UPshow Connect makes it easy to create QR code campaigns and display content that can be formatted into mobile landing pages, so that staff can scan codes and complete surveys on the go. 

This is also an easy tool to use so that staff can share their thoughts and ideas and shout each other out. 

Team-based performance incentive programs for employees

Friendly competition and team-based challenges are great strategies for boosting employee engagement and retention

Creating goals for teams to meet, like sales goals, training completion or patron survey competitions create a culture of teamwork and can reignite a dedication to performance. Coupling these efforts with meaningful incentives is the most efficient way to do this.  

These incentives can come in many forms, including pay bonuses, extra vacation days or extra break time. Meaningful incentives will help increase employee motivation and engagement in the workplace and give your BOH employees a reason to strive for excellence in their day-to-day work routines. 

Because performance-based incentives almost always revolve around meeting or exceeding goals tied to your business, it’s important to be able to monitor and record exactly how those goals are being met by each employee. UPshow Connect is able to connect and integrate with existing Point Of Sale (POS) systems to make tracking employee performance easy and effective.

Content scheduling on digital displays makes it easy to share stats for each of your shifts and across all locations so that all of your team members can get in on the fun! 

BOH recognition and appreciation opportunities for BOH employees

While performance incentives are common, creating a culture of support goes beyond thinking about employee performance. Appreciation and recognition for what team members contribute are important, and it’s crucial to consider what BOH employees bring to the table beyond just their work. 

Staff recognition often takes the form of recognizing personal accomplishments or hard work, such as consistently positive customer feedback or high task completion rates. It can also celebrate interpersonal qualities, like positive attitudes, integrity and problem-solving skills that keep shifts running smoothly. 

Showing your team members they are valued takes very little effort, but can make a huge difference! Plus, don’t forget to make room for some small celebrations. 

Ask your BOH employees to share their favorite dessert and some personal facts that you can use to celebrate birthdays and performance milestones. You can even couple this with a display. It’ll bring your BOH staff closer together and show how much you appreciate them.

How UPshow can help you boost employee motivation with incentives

Use Dynamic displays to feature non-monetary incentives for employee retention

UPshow not only integrates directly with existing hardware and software within your business, but it also comes with full integration and support for creation and design tools. It features full in-app Canva integration which uses a simple drag-and-drop interface filled with customizable premade templates.

UPshow also supports multiple file types and extensions, so you can incorporate your own branding and training content on your displays. These features and the flexibility they offer can be used to make non-monetary incentives for employees more attractive and alluring.

Once you’ve finished creating your displays, you can then organize and display them across multiple screens, even changing the presentation on a micro level so the appropriate messaging reaches employees in the right shifts at different locations. 

This makes it easy to keep messaging and programs consistent across multiple aspects of your non-monetary retention strategies as well as all the screens you may have at different locations of your premises. 

Integration and analytics to track retention incentives being offered

Even the greatest training program or the best employee incentive program will be next to useless unless you track and analyze the effect they have on your staff. This is why UPshow integrates with some POS systems, like Aloha, to track key performance metrics. This makes it easy to understand just how successful your various employee incentive ideas are in increasing employee retention and reducing BOH staff turnover. 

From there, it’s easy to target areas of improvement and adjust retention strategies. Coupled with employee feedback, this makes for a foolproof system that is sure to see results. 

See how UPshow can help you activate your BOH employee incentive programs

Ready to start putting in place rewards and incentives for your BOH employees and reducing your turnover rate? You need the right kind of platform to bring your incentive plans for your employees to life.

UPshow Connect is the leading digital signage solution industry leaders trust to keep their employees engaged. Find out how UPshow can help you keep your BOH workers happy with a risk-free demo today

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