Digital Holiday Signage Ideas You Can Use All Year Long

December 9, 2022

If there’s anything the pandemic revealed to us, it’s that everyone loves the opportunity to celebrate with one another. 

We live for exciting moments and reasons to get together. Research conducted by Pinterest has found that people actively seek more of these moments, creating what they call “mini moments.” 

Businesses that capitalized on these consumer interests saw a significant increase in their conversion rates, especially when marketing efforts were consistent and early. 

Making the most of your in-venue screens can help your business create lasting impressions on your patrons and may even help you increase your holiday revenue. 

Create digital holiday signage for every season

There’s no better way to capitalize on the changing of the season than by keeping your displays exciting and fresh with seasonal digital content. UPshow makes it easy to reach your target audience any time of year with customized content. 

Use digital signage for branded holiday wishes

Political and social climates have made it difficult for businesses to know how to connect with their customers properly. Genuine connection, though, is a fundamental part of developing and maintaining a connection with your market. 64% of consumers crave an authentic connection with brands.

It may be easy to overlook the potential of a well-crafted holiday message, but you might miss a valuable opportunity to reach your audience. Branded holiday messages aren’t just reminders of the changing seasons: they’re the perfect opportunity for businesses to reiterate their mission and value statements.  

Healthcare systems and wellness centers use holidays to reinforce the importance of family and community. This is the perfect time to remind patients that ensuring loved ones are well is the gift that keeps giving, especially because cold and flu season coincides with many holiday celebrations. 

While Valentine's Day is perfect for marketing gifts and date nights, bars and restaurants might also capitalize on hosting the holiday’s more exciting and less romantic counterpart: Galentine's Day. This is the perfect time to remind patrons that your bar is the place to be for a good time! 

If your business is committed to giving back, creating a Thanksgiving message that showcases branding with your local partnerships reminds your patrons that your business contributes to a worthy cause. You can share these messages to all of your digital on-premise screens or choose which screens to broadcast hyperlocal messages. 

Create the perfect holiday atmosphere

So much more goes into celebrating than just what we see. While we may not think about it consciously, holiday marketing has become so ingrained in business practices that it’s shaped our behavior!

It allows our expectations and ideas to take shape in visual promotions, music and our interactions with one another. Today, this level of immersion during the holidays is an expectation for most consumers. 

Cultivating this atmosphere for your patrons requires a robust promotional strategy. UPshow makes this easy with three key platform features.

First, UPshow Connect makes it easy to create holiday campaigns across media channels. With Connect, you can develop, launch, and analyze your campaigns within one platform. With QR codes, you can track your campaigns together whether it’s on a holiday screen display or a SmartPaper holiday card. 

Second, music! Let’s face it, the best way to set the tone for any holiday is with the perfect songs. UPshow Premium Audio makes it easy for your business to pick the perfect ad-free channel with a music streaming service powered by Music Choice. That way, you’ll have the best channel for any time of the year. 

Finally, in-house entertainment is the perfect way to keep customers engaged throughout the year. Picking the right entertainment for the season is effortless with 500+ channels of entertainment. You could show highlights from games for March Madness or a Halloween trivia game for spooky season.

Update your customers on any seasonal promotions

Winter holidays contributed a whopping 843.4 billion dollars to the economy last year. Consumer holiday spending is on the rise, making the winter holidays a target for many promotions. However, offering holiday-based promotions to your audience can be a year-round practice that generates engagement and revenue throughout the year. 

Digital signage makes promoting these efforts simple and can even move your target market to action with the right campaign strategies. 

UPshow’s Canva integration makes creating promotional displays with engaging designs easier than ever. So whether you choose to create your seasonal promotions from scratch or use a pre-made template, you’ll have the perfect signage for any situation.

Incorporating QR codes into your promotional efforts is simple. It allows you to make the most of your patrons’ in-store presence while creating the opportunity to engage with them online

The best part of using digital signage for your holiday promotions is that you have instant access to insight into which promotions work and which don’t. That way, you can tailor your approach for next year’s shopping. 

Provide special operating hours during the holiday

With so much happening and busy schedules during the holiday season, people are eager to plan their time to avoid hiccups. Keeping your patrons informed about your business's holiday hours is a must. 

Share business closures and shortened hours on your displays well ahead of time so patrons can better plan when they’ll visit your business or arrange their appointment if you’re a healthcare facility. If they’re not aware of your holiday schedule, you’ll miss out on valuable business opportunities! 

Some businesses also use extended holiday hours to capitalize on last-minute gift shopping or accommodate patrons who work during standard business hours.

Either way, sharing this information on your digital display keeps your patrons walking through your doors regardless of how business hours change. 

Create a template for your business hours and update graphics for specific holidays. Keep this information shared as a fixed panel so that patrons don’t miss it in your display rotation.

Benefits of digital holiday signage

Digital signage offers tons of benefits, especially when it comes to campaign rollout. It’s easy to create and launch campaigns for different seasons. Plus, you can repurpose content every year and update it based on your results.

Create lasting content that can be easily updated for every holiday

Traditional print marketing strategies take time and manpower to implement. They also require revisiting with each holiday season and often result in wasted material. 

On the other hand, a digital holiday marketing effort is easy to store, update, and reuse each year. You can access your displays for special hours, promotions, and greetings throughout the year by keeping all of your marketing efforts tucked away in a cloud server. It will be simple to roll out new content for the next holiday and reuse what worked last year. 

UPshow makes updating content simple. Our drag-and-drop design platform is perfect for creating content in a flash, and you’ll have the analytics to optimize your strategy year after year. 

Keep your holiday signage fresh

Make the most of what digital signage offers by creating highly engaging and immersive content for your venue. 

Canva’s easy-to-use interface makes creating the perfect signage as simple as dragging and dropping your graphics into a beautiful template. 

Elevating your design with social media integration is easy, too! UPshow integrates with Instagram and Twitter so your patrons can share snapshots of their holiday traditions, tweet holiday wishes or enter seasonal social media raffles. 

The holidays are also the perfect time to host seasonal trivia events or promote upcoming events at your business. These events may even become anticipated traditions that your patrons look forward to each year. 

UPshow can help you create your digital holiday signage

The hustle and bustle of holidays are the perfect time for businesses to connect with their target markets. They’re an opportunity for you to get creative with your marketing efforts and create an immersive experience at each of your venues. By leveraging the power of your business’s digital screens, you can easily make the perfect digital displays for every holiday on the horizon. Best of all? UPshow makes this effortless. Request a demo today to see how UPshow can help drive ROI during any holiday!

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