Get Your Team Communicating with Digital Displays

September 14, 2022

Keeping your team engaged and communicating is a fundamental part of any successful business. One way to target these goals is by using technology to improve your internal communication. 

Digital displays are perfect for this. They’re low-cost, low-effort ways to keep your team connected without resorting to unengaging, traditional communication strategies. 

Looking to get your team better connected? Keep reading to learn more about how digital signage can help you breathe new life into your workplace communication strategies. 

What are digital displays, exactly?

A digital display is a monitor, television or tablet that allows you to share curated content with your target audience, in this case, your employees.

You create and schedule content through digital signage software which connects to a physical display either through the internet or a hardwire connection. 

Different display software offers different solutions, so it’s important that you pick the right one for your goals. Here are eight display features and ideas you can leverage to better connect your team. Be sure the solution you select allows you to effortlessly employ these strategies.

Seven ways digital displays can get your team communicating

Dynamic event calendars

Data shows that 42.4% of one-on-one meetings are rescheduled every week. It’s a significant number that reflects the unfortunate but real inconvenience of regularly coordinating time for face-to-face communication. 

Often we worry about agenda setting and deliverables, but before we even get there we need to face the challenge of coordinating calendars. When scheduling isn’t publicly shared, it can pose a challenge. 

A digital display that posts important dates, events and locations makes it easy for everyone to be on the same page. This information can be shared in highly trafficked parts of your office so that everyone can easily keep up with event scheduling. 

This also makes it easy for individuals to coordinate with smaller teams for follow-up or preparation. Giving employees advanced and consistent access to important dates allows them to build in time for collaboration. 

Share a question or quote of the day

Intention setting is the practice of beginning a day, week, month, quarter or year with a vision of what you want to achieve. 

Using intention setting in your workplace can increase employees’ mindfulness and keep them working towards goals that have your business’s mission and values in mind.

Digital displays can help you effortlessly integrate these strategies into your workplace. Try using digital displays to share a question or quote of the day. It may be something motivational, a question about an important value proposition or a best practice example.

This type of thought-provoking content is also a great way to get your team talking with one another to inspire teamwork. It helps strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones as well.  Establishing a strong workplace community and a culture of growth, especially amongst deskless employees, reduces turnover and motivates staff

Track important performance metrics

Goal setting is a common practice across industries.

Many companies do this by selecting key performance indicators, or KPIs, to help determine what success looks like and offer employees something to work towards.

Using digital displays to share real-time statistics about key performance indicators keep those goals at the forefront of employee performance. It motivates employees to self-correct behavior, ask questions and identify model colleagues to emulate. 

You can also connect your digital signage software to your Point-of-Sale system (PoS). That way, your back-of-house team has access to important inventory and sales data that enables them to focus their efforts on the optimal tasks for improving output.

As more than a third of companies abandon traditional performance review structures, a consistent reminder of performance criteria can help you keep your team accountable and consistent with your business’s targets.

Recognize top performers

It’s just as important to be communicative about successes as it is to be communicative about growth opportunities. 

Celebrating top performers not only increases job satisfaction and workplace loyalty but also offers other employees models and mentors to look up to. This keeps turnover rates low and morale high. 

Here are some ways you can recognize top performers at your business: 

  • Create a monthly “Shining Star Spotlight” to celebrate employees with high sales volume
  • Incentivize performance by offering prizes or rewards to employees who meet specific KPI targets 
  • Spark competition across departments with ongoing monthly challenges that are displayed on screens across the office.

This encourages innovation, ambition and effort while establishing a culture of appreciation for those who excel. It lets staff know that communication from management is also about support, not just correction. 

Supporting positive communication between employees and management has other positive impacts, too. For example: 

  • Lowering turnover rates
  • Establishing workplace loyalty
  • Developing respect and rapport with staff

Research by Gallup has found that public recognition of employee performance is one of the most impactful ways for employees to be rewarded for their work. 

Share external feedback with staff

Internal communications can sometimes turn into a feedback loop that isn’t always representative of external perceptions of your business. 

Using external feedback can help close that gap. Social media posts and online reviews are low-cost ways to asses public perception, and digital signage makes it easy to incorporate that feedback into business practices. 

Sharing praise and criticism with staff allows them to identify authentic gaps in performance, and creates opportunities to apply skills in varied situations.

For example, you can use your back-of-house TVs to display a sampling of recent online reviews that your business has received. Setting this up is as easy as copying and pasting the text in a spotlight within the UPshow platform to seamlessly integrate it into your existing displays. 

UPshow’s Canva integration makes it easy to update your displays with this new information without ever leaving the UPshow platform.

Noting strengths and weaknesses is a necessary part of creating a dialogue amongst team members while considering other stakeholders.

Stay connected across your industry

Keeping employees in the loop about industry changes can foster innovation and create opportunities for complex problem-solving. Knowing what industry-wide standards are and seeing examples of best practices promote growth and productivity. 

This also supports staff as they troubleshoot, which can help reduce voluntary turnover rates and encourage leadership-level responsibility. 

Digital displays make staying in the loop with industry experts simple. You can share thought pieces, video interviews, or case study highlights with your staff on displays where employees generally have time to browse, such as in the breakroom or copy room. 

Create opportunities for employees to communicate with their team members

There is no better way to encourage communication within your staff than to allow them to share their thoughts. 

Encourage employees to submit their own ideas on digital displays. 

Some frequently shared employee communications include: 

  • Recognition of colleagues, such as shout-outs 
  • Examples of best practices or real-world application of strategies
  • Announcements about procedures or growth opportunities

UPshow makes it easy to improve internal communication with digital displays

Digital displays are a powerful tool for driving internal communication. You can do this while also helping your business achieve other goals, like consistent growth in key metrics and increasing employee loyalty.

But to do all of this, you need the right digital signage software. That’s where UPshow SHIFT comes in. UPshow SHIFT is an employee engagement platform that’s built specifically for deskless workers. It’s powerful, easy to use and just what you need to get your team communicating.

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