How a Wendy’s Franchisee Cut the Cord to Drive Business Results with UPshow

October 22, 2019

This is a summary of a story originally published in QSR Magazine.

When Hamra, a large, multi-location Wendy’s franchise company was given the opportunity to move away from cable TV, they jumped at the chance.

For many brands, cable TV is a default entertainment option that comes with drawbacks like airing competitor ads in-venue and displaying programming that is irrelevant or inappropriate for their customers. These issues were ones that store systems and product manager for Hamra, Valerie Root, was all too familiar with.

“Sometimes a sporting event would be playing on TV, and then a manager wouldn’t get to the TV quickly enough to change the channel, and something like Jerry Springer would come on after the game.”

As a result, Hamra made the switch to UPshow, our all-in-one customer engagement platform that the Wendy’s locations use to entertain and market to customers during their visit. UPshow’s hyper-customization allows Wendy’s to target diners in different locations with different content, including local sports and region-specific promotions. Plus, the only ads customers ever see are Wendy’s own.

“Someone in Chicago may not care about sports teams in New England. Now we even have the opportunity to localize content as far down regional high schools around our stores.”

Valerie and her team now have full control over what is displayed on their TVs, and do so with minimal effort as UPshow allows for them to manage multiple screens remotely via the cloud. In Valerie’s own words, “[Wendy’s] has only scratched the surface of what UPshow can do for us, and I am excited about where this partnership will go.”

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