How Restaurants Can Increase Employee Satisfaction with Surveys

December 1, 2020

If you want to know what someone thinks, you have to ask. That may sound cliche, but it’s true whether or not you’re talking to a friend, a spouse, a coworker—or an employee. Surveys remain one of the most effective ways of asking your employees what they think about their job. In fact, experts at Harvard Business Review have repeatedly found that surveys help restaurant owners measure satisfaction and reduce turnover.

How do you ensure surveys have the maximum impact? You must conduct them regularly, in simple ways and cover a variety of topics. The right digital signage tools make it easy to share distinctive, interactive polls and surveys in 10 minutes or less — here’s how.

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Ask Employees About More Than Satisfaction

An example of an employee engagement and retention survey asks employees where they want the restaurant to donate a portion of proceeds.

Employee satisfaction surveys do an excellent job of gauging existing sentiment at a moment in time, but they do nothing to increase employee satisfaction when it’s low. Savvy business owners interested in engaging their employees create surveys that do more than merely ask after satisfaction: they create surveys that give employees a voice.

Asking staff for their input gives employees more of a stake in their job and goes a long way to materially boosting their job satisfaction. Use digital signage to ask employees for feedback on the topics that matter most to them. For example, many companies make annual donations to support the local community. Instead of management deciding where to make this donation, use your digital signage to ask employees to vote for the causes they care about. After making the donation, leverage your signage once again to announce which cause won. This act demonstrates that you heard your employees and respect their voice, increasing employee satisfaction and retention rates.

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Distribute Surveys Using Existing Screens and Mobile Devices

A person holding a smartphone scans a QR code.

Because restaurant employees work long hours with full plates, employee satisfaction surveys delivered via email often go unnoticed. Many restaurant owners misinterpret this data and think employees aren’t interested in engaging with their surveys rather than realizing the method of delivery is the real issue. After all, busy restaurant employees rarely have the time to check their email, let alone perform tasks not immediately relevant to their shift’s responsibilities.

So, how do you increase employee engagement through better delivery? Utilize existing screens in high traffic areas like break rooms, kitchens and back hallways to increase participation. Targeting these areas presents the call to action when and where employees find it most relevant. Surveys presented via digital signage software allow busy staff to interact in seconds from their phone using custom interactive QR codes. This results in surveys that employees will notice more often and respond to more quickly with hardware you already have and technology they already use.

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Conduct Restaurant Surveys (Very) Frequently and With Ease

An example graph showing employee satisfaction over time.

Many companies report conducting surveys only one or two times per year, citing survey questions, distribution and follow up as time consuming; however, best practice recommends providing multiple surveys per quarter. 

Distribution of surveys on a frequent basis may seem overwhelming, and many business owners lean towards front of house efficiencies to drive more value. However, frequent surveying reduces employee turnover resulting in additional value; replacing churned employees requires significant time and money. With the right tools, distributing a meaningful survey takes little time at all. UPshow’s digital signage manager makes it easy to share surveys. Use our drag-and-drop tool to quickly build your own or implement corporate surveys in less than 10 minutes. UPshow’s creator generates a custom QR code for your screens. From there, interactions can be tracked in real time within the UPshow platform, allowing you to measure survey engagement results and more.

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Measuring employee satisfaction and increasing employee engagement doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. With UPshow’s digital signage platform powering your employee surveys, you can keep your staff engaged, amplify their voices and gain meaningful data to drive restaurant employee retention.

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