How to Make Restaurant Digital Signage More Than A Slideshow: Branded TV for Bars & Restaurants

June 17, 2019

Digital signage can do a lot for your bar or restaurant -- if it’s done right. Unfortunately, a lot of digital signage ends up defaulting to a rotating slideshow of deals, which gets ignored by customers and ultimately has little ROI. By using this method, you aren’t getting much value for what you’re paying for.

The best way to get real value out of your digital signage is by thinking of it as a branded TV channel, just for your business. Here are some strategies to transform your signage into branded TV that increases sales and more at your restaurant.

Dynamic digital signage catches restaurant-goers’ eyes and is more memorable than traditional signage.

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Dynamic Displays
The static images standard for most digital signage is passive and often fails to catch a customer’s eyes. Take advantage of the fact that your signage is digital and animate your marketing materials with eye catching effects and motion graphics. Not only will your promotions become more noticeable, they’ll also be more memorable, increasing recall among customers.

More Than Marketing

Intersperse the marketing on your digital signage with content from the teams and topics that matter most to your customers.

Customers are bombarded with advertising all day, so if you serve them exclusively promotions, they’ll tune you out fast. Embrace the TV factor at your restaurant and mix your signage with entertainment that is relevant to your guests, like local sports teams and other topics that are important to them. Customers will engage with the screen as they are interested in the content, making them more likely to be paying attention when promotions are displayed. Plus, they’ll feel good knowing you care about their experience enough to not constantly shove marketing in their face.

Incredible Interactivity

Interactive TV or digital signage keeps customers engaged with entertainment and promotions onscreen.

Going digital with your signage is an opportunity to embrace so many more technological capabilities. Give customers the ability to interact with your bar or restaurant’s screens via phones with screen-to-mobile technology like scannable codes or customizable URLs.

Giving customers agency over their marketing experience helps them connect to the brand and the content they are seeing. For example, a social media display that allows customers to post to the screen excites in-venue guests while increasing word of mouth online. Plus, the ability to access promotions and deals via mobile is intuitive and allows customers to take the info with them when they leave.

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