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Introducing: Waiting Room TV [Updated for 2019]

This article was last updated on July 10, 2019

Everyone has had the experience: a magazine-cluttered coffee table, a rack of anxiety-inducing pamphlets, a TV silently running the most mediocre daytime show available. This is the uncomfortable, un-engaging landscape of medical practice waiting rooms. That vast majority of patients agree: being in the waiting room is the worst part of their experience.

That’s where waiting room TV comes in. A TV-based platform built to solve pain points and drive outcomes directly from the waiting room — all while giving practices and health systems total control of the content on their TVs .

Here’s a rundown of a few ways waiting room TV can transform your patient experience:

Waiting Room TV’s Digital Signagefeature allows the office to inform patients of additional services offered, educational tips and special promotions. The office’s marketing materials are now seen firsthand by the patients who frequent the business.

Rather than a room full of zombie-like patients absorbed into their own phone, Waiting Room TV’s Social Media TV feature gives guests social media’s most up-to-date posts in categories they care about, including local sports, news, lifestyle and more. Click the video below for a demo.

UPshow’s Social Media TV Demo

UPshow’s partnership with the leader in internet television, PlutoTV, provides the business access to top video channels, including Fear Factor, Home Improvement, Sports, News, Internet Gold and more. Best of all, channels can be scheduled to play at any time.

A smartphone is all it takes for patients to join a game of Trivia. This compelling + competitive interaction keeps them alert and in a far better mood than if they were mindlessly daydreaming while waiting.

UPshow Trivia Demo

Our plug and play technology allows any business to plug in a Google Chromebit to any TV or AV system, connect to Internet and immediately start displaying content.        

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