Key Stats That the Best Digital Signage Measures For You

January 29, 2021

Digital signage can drive immense value for any business -- that is, if it’s the right software. With the growing pressure to invest in multiple technologies, how can you quantitatively prove that the digital signage in your business pays for itself?

High quality digital signage won’t leave these questions for you to answer on your own. Any digital signage software you work with should provide analytics to help you measure screen time, gauge audience interaction and assess profit margins.

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Measure Screen Time

A great part of digital signage is the ability to “set it and forget it.” You can schedule content weeks, or even months, in advance. However, with all this automation, how do you know that people are seeing certain messages frequently enough, or if they’re seeing them at all?

With the right digital signage tool, measuring screen time analytics is as simple as a quick peek at your reporting tools. UPshow doesn’t only give you control over when and for how long each message is displayed, it also keeps track of these data points for you. You’ll know how many times a message has appeared each day, week or even in a specified date range.

Having this crucial information can help you understand which messages customers see most often and which may be underperforming due to lack of exposure. Then, you can optimize your schedule for the best results.

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Gauge Audience Interaction

So you’ve perfected scheduling. Now, how can you be sure customers take action? People arrive at a point of sale (POS) from many paths. Identifying the path a customer takes to a physical POS is often difficult, especially compared to digital tracking.

UPshow makes measuring your customer’s in-venue interactions as easy as tracking a digital purchase by using specialized QR codes. Simply add the code beside the call-to-action on your signage design. Customers who take interest in the messaging can take action in the moment by scanning the code with their phone camera. Their phone will then direct them to any digital page you choose, from a special landing page to a mobile coupon. All of these interactions are recorded and stored in the analytics section of your UPshow manager portal.

Not only can you track conversions easily when you use QR codes, you will likely also increase spend by catching customers in the moment who may have otherwise forgotten the messaging.

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Assess Value

You know how valuable audience interactions are, and you’ve probably had to manually measure that value in a report more than a few times. It would be nice if your digital signage software had analytics for this, but most signage softwares don’t calculate value. If they do, it’s based on an arbitrary number they’ve developed, which can be inaccurate.

UPshow solves this problem by allowing you to assign value to each interaction yourself. Simply go into the analytics section of your manager portal, and you’ll be able to assign a unique dollar amount to each promotion. For example, a gym member signing up for personal training may be worth $10, while a customer liking your store’s Facebook page may be worth $5. Once the software has this information, it can calculate the total value each promotion has generated over any given time frame. You’ll be able to pull vital ROI information and impress your team without ever switching tools to do so.

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You shouldn’t have to guess at ROI. Don’t let your digital signage off the hook. See UPshow’s comprehensive analytics and measurement tools in a free custom demo.

Measure Your ROI Better with UPshow

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